Sunday, February 22, 2009

Woops!!! Forgot to add a pic of us


JoJo said...

Hey Hey,

I like the site... wish I was seeing you today. Hope all is good. love you lots



michelle said...

Hey I want to be on that boat..... Now I think that is a boat I could relax on.. Don't think I could help with much else beautiful..................

Bruce and Saundra said...

Well come on down!!! You don't have to do anything but relax. We'll do all the sailing and have fun with you at the same time. ;o) sending Lot's of LOVE xoxoxo

chickmcchicker1 said...

hey guys.
i hope the hurricane isn't coming your way.
today i did my reading fcat, tomorrow is math, and the monday is science and then i have my quater finals on my birthday:(
they wont let me sort out my credits right now because 'they are running around like chickens with no heads' during this fcat week.
i love you guys.
see you in 85 days! or less then three months if you like that better!:)
oh and i really like the site btw, i think thats what i was supposed to talk about here.

Bruce and Saundra said...

Hello chickmcchicker1 you can talk about anything you want on this site. Just LOVE hearing from you. ;o) It will be over before you know it.
Love you