Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween fun

This is a headless guy but the background makes it hard to see.

 Wayne & Rozzie Sheik & Pinkerbell
 Group shot with Gay, Rob, Rozzie, Wayne, Trish, Lance, Bruce & me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue Lagoon snorkel

 parrot fish getting cleaned and was like in a trance
 I have to do some more id above some kind of surgeon below??

 beautiful soft corals

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tropical Birds

 Marlin Bar
 Lizard Island
 Where we been a few times

view from China ridge walk to the anchorage

 Saw these 2 on our walk today.
We had our walk a but earlier today as we had mail come in on a 12 flight. We walked to
the airport and to the Marlin Bar, then up over the ridge back to the anchorage. Saw these 2 on our walk and they were nice of enough not to fly off before I got their photos.
We heard today during sundowners on the beach that there will be a halloween dress up party at the Marlin Bar pictured above. The Marlin Bar is actually at Lizard beach resort, and is there for the staff of the resort. It is open for the people in the anchorage and the place where all the marlin fishermen hang out during their tournament, which happened at the beginning of this month. The fishing is still happening around and there are quite a few marlin fishing boats still taking clients out for a day of fishing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Long walk

Today we walked over to the other side to view the Blue Lagoon, it is breath takenly beautiful! We walked for about 3 1/2 hours out towards Cocunut beach and the end of Lizard point. This link should take you to a map of the island 2nd page.

With a stop for about 15 minutes to have a drink of water and take in the view. Of course I got some photos to share, and will post them soon. We are having some internet issues that should be solved later in the week. Still having this relentless wind, although it made our walk very bearable!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beauty & the reef

 I haven't id this one yet.

 Bird nose wrasse female
 Moorish Idol I LOVE this one has such a pretty face
 Saddle Puffer
 Lizard fish I think.
Some of my past time has been creating a reef album and identifying the reef fish I have seen.
Which at times is a challenge as juvenile fish sometimes don't look anything like the adult!

More of the same

 memories to keep us going during the rough weather.
The winds haven't let up. Rain has been on & off but mostly off. There are a few more boats in the anchorage, big boats that must have come in from the reef. It has to be pretty rough out there with these constant winds! 3 metre sea + 2.5 m swell. We are pretty cozy in here considering what is happening around us. We also had some thunder & lightning to add to the stormy weather. We didn't even get off the boat today, better to stay on board in these conditions. Hope to get off tomorrow for a walk. We are in for at least another 3 days of the same. Might be time to get my arts & craft boxes out!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lizard Island in a blow

Here in Watson's Bay this morning we had rain YAY the boat got a good rinse, and it helped that yesterday Bruce actually used some fresh water to mop the decks while I cleaned the cockpit and the floors inside. It feels good to have salt free decks and floors. We are in for some more strong winds for the next 24 + hrs. This morning we were clocking gusts over 40kts, and I'm pretty sure we had one close to 50 kts as we had such a noise, vibration roar through the boat. You could hear the gust coming, and this one was in a squall of rain. The wind was actually blowing so hard it was picking water up off the wind waves and blowing spray! Our wind generator blew a fuse in that gust of wind and that has never happened to us in 3 years!
We spent the day catching up on some chores. I did some laundry, and worked on my assignments for my Dru Yoga course, and Bruce worked on a web page he is building.
By late in the day the weather cleared and calmed a bit, so we went a shore for a bit of a walk. Back in time for the gathering on the beach for sundowners where we stopped in for 20 mins or so to say our hellos.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Photos from Euphoria

 Trish & me swimming in our St. Crispin reef pool.......magic!!!!!!!
 It doesn't get any better then this glass out conditions so beautiful!!
 Great photo of us under sail with Cape Tribulation behind us!
Catching up with Euphoria! Great sailing we were on our way to Hope Islands