Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lizard Island in a blow

Here in Watson's Bay this morning we had rain YAY the boat got a good rinse, and it helped that yesterday Bruce actually used some fresh water to mop the decks while I cleaned the cockpit and the floors inside. It feels good to have salt free decks and floors. We are in for some more strong winds for the next 24 + hrs. This morning we were clocking gusts over 40kts, and I'm pretty sure we had one close to 50 kts as we had such a noise, vibration roar through the boat. You could hear the gust coming, and this one was in a squall of rain. The wind was actually blowing so hard it was picking water up off the wind waves and blowing spray! Our wind generator blew a fuse in that gust of wind and that has never happened to us in 3 years!
We spent the day catching up on some chores. I did some laundry, and worked on my assignments for my Dru Yoga course, and Bruce worked on a web page he is building.
By late in the day the weather cleared and calmed a bit, so we went a shore for a bit of a walk. Back in time for the gathering on the beach for sundowners where we stopped in for 20 mins or so to say our hellos.

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