Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hope Isles to Cooktown

Sunset at Cooktown

We left this morning after 10 a.m. for Cooktown. We had to wait till after 10 o'clock so we could time ourselves to enter the river in Cooktown on a rising tide. We had another lovely sail today! Saw a few dolphins riding the swells on our way here. Also listening to the vhf radio which was very exciting as the Lizard Island Black Marlin Fishing Tournament is in full action with quite a few hook ups today! We arrived Cooktown around 2 o'clock this afternoon. After making sure she was good and anchored we ventured a shore with Trish & Lance. Stopped for a coffee and walked up to the shops. We have some really fantastic reef weather coming again! I'm SO excited!! Tomorrow we will be busy doing some slight restocking. Putting on some more fuel, doing laundry, shop at chemist, and groceries. As we are not sure how long we will be a way it is always good to get these things while you can!

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