Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grant on its way

I haven't had much to post lately. We are really enjoying our time in Cairns, and being here at this marina has been SO GOOD! It feels like we are living in a neighbourhood.
We are currently keeping our eye on a cyclone (Grant) that made land fall around Darwin. It is expected to keep formed as a low pressure and head into the gulf of Carpentaria. Where it is expected to form again into a cyclone then cross into the Coral Sea just north of us. We are at the moment just keeping an eye on it as so far it isn't a big one.
On another note we went to the shops today to start our research into a camera. Our underwater one has been good, but is no longer keeping a seal or a charge. It has been used for 3 years and used a lot, so I am impressed. I was wondering if any of the followers/readers out there have any suggestions on cameras they are using? We are in the research stage at the moment.
Until next time......

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Birthday

 We're celebrating at the Salt House Rest. in Cairns
 53 today

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas fun

Now to get Bruce in the Santa hat!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mossman River

We took a day trip up to Port Douglas with our friends Rozzie & Wayne. After a couple of hours stop over, UNPLANNED in Port Douglas. Well the stop was planned but the dead car battery wasn't. It took RACQ ( like AAA in the states) to come check out our battery. But being cool chilled out people who have learned to go with the flow it was all good. We shopped for our picnic lunch, had a coffee (iced), and I even did a little Christmas shopping. After we got the car going again we met Rick & Alex up near the highway and headed North for the Mossman River. Rick & Alex leave for NSW for an extended stay, so we all wanted to spend sometime with them before they leave tomorrow. Bruce & I plan to see them in a few months the next time we head down to visit Uncle Bob.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas decorations

Well we're back on the boat and right into our list. Bruce had to work on our shower floor. I knew that was going to be the first job, so before we left I gave it a big scrub and dry it completely. Of course a simple job usually turns into something more, especially if your like us and want to do it right. Bruce did an excellent job, and we should have our shower back tomorrow. I went to put up the christmas tree to find that 2 of the legs were missing. The tree had been stored in the forward lockers under the bunk in the bow. Last time I was in there, before we left, I thought I'll take the tree out now, and put it where I can get at it easily. Well I had to remove everything in that forward compartment before I could find the missing legs, but I did find them. Soaking wet with sweat after completing the mission, and that is with air con in the boat. Even with the ac running in the middle of the day it was 28 degrees in here. We are thinking of getting a boom tent made, but maybe we won't need it once the wet hits.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Early Christmas in Brisbane

 Jo & Mitch's Christmas tree
 Kendra & Jerrica joining us for our pre Christmas gift opening they even got to partake.
 Jo & Mitch after we opened the gifts. the tree will be reloaded again for the real Christmas morning.
 Sam & Brendan beautiful smile.
 Mitch working the girls @ his mom & dad's place
 Jo with Tyson

 Jo & Chris
Jim & Chris reunited again.

We've had a wonderful visit here is Brisbane with the girls. We off this afternoon to go back to Cairns.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Our trip South

 Crossing bridge at the bottom of kangaroo Valley
 Rain forest from Southern Highlands into Kangaroo Valley
 Wind farm just outside Goulborne.

 Kangaroo Valley
 Uncle Bob still going strong!

 Saying goodbye : (
 Kiama Rock pool

We have drove from Sydney to Forbes, Forbes to the Southern Highlands, Southern Highlands through kangaroo Valley and into Nowra, and tomorrow we return to Sydney to fly to Brisbane. We have had such a nice trip, and really enjoyed our time here!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the road again.

Just can't wait to get on the road again. (A Willie Nelson song.) We flew out of Cairns way too early this morning! I booked the tickets online how was I to know it was an international flight and you had to be there 3 hours before departure? We got to the airport 1 1/2 hours before departure enough time to get our bags checked in. We cut it close as we thought the international was the first building and parked the car. It wasn't until we were inside that we were directed to international which is the next building. It wasn't like next door it was like a huge hike to get there, which made us there just in time. At least we didn't have to wait forever in the airport. The rest of the flight went well, and were so glad we didn't have to cue up for customs, and immigration. We got to jump the cue since we weren't travelling internationally.
We are in a sports car which I took a photo of but wasn't a good one. I will take one tomorrow and post it.
Anyway we are now in Forbes, NSW. We flew into Sydney today and drove out here about a 6 hour drive. We stopped for a late lunch in Katumba in the Blue Mountains. Too bad we don't have more time to explore this area so much to see. One day we will come back and do that! There was an old restaurant dating to the early 1920s named Paragon. We thought we would have lunch there. We put our order in and waited and waited until we had to ask about our meal, turns out she forgot to put the order in. We said don't worry we don't have time and left. We ended up in a cafe and had a really delicious lunch!

 The old ballroom of the Paragon.

 An old phonograph.
Us having another good meal. We are now in Forbes, NSW.
We will be leaving here tomorrow to head SE towards Nowra to see Uncle Bob. That's all for now.

Drumming night in Cairns

 We checked out the local drumming scene in cairns last night with our friends Wayne & Rossie.

We had a really good time. It was at the end of the evening when a guy grabbed an Egyptian tabla and had a play with us. He was quite good. Wished we had his contact details so we could meet up with him again and play. The drumming was good but a little to african for us.