Sunday, November 29, 2009

return to GKI

Well I made it back to the boat on Thursday. We set out on Friday. Had a nice sail back to Great Keppel Island. We anchored off Long Beach due to the NE/ NW winds. Winds are blowing 15/20 to 25/30 knots for a couple of days now. Tonight we had thunderstorm warnings!
We took a walk today around Monkey Point. Photos attached. I Love the one of the Billy goat!!!!
Sunset and you can see the storm clouds around.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunshine Coast

Well I can post that I have come to the Sunshine Coast to see my daughters. Kendra flew in from Florida to SURPRISE her mates for their graduation. They are there now at the ceremony. I drove down to the coast to be with her and her sister Samantha. Bruce stayed behind to do some things on the boat, and make her ready for my return. Next week when I return we will scoot back out again (weather permitting) to the islands off of the coast of Rockhampton, for a couple of weeks before the holidays.

Friday, November 13, 2009


This page will be a bit quiet now. We pulled into Keppel Bay marina this morning. Have to say Bruce gets a bit depressed when we pull into marinas, and I on the other hand savor the land connections. Don't get me wrong I do LOVE it out there, but there is something special about coming to the mainland. Washing the boat down, laundry, restocking, maintenance, cleaning out the fridges, washing the cushion covers, okay maybe I can see why Bruce gets a bit down. We do a lot of work when we come in. hahaha LOL This time though we are have the luxury of time as we are staying more then a few days. We are taking a rent a car up the road to Laguna Quay to get our cars on Monday. This is going to be our home base for a couple of months. NO we're not taying in that long, but intend to come in for a day or two and go back out. There is so much we haven't explored here. We will be coming to the Sunshine Coast a few times over the next couple of months so maybe we can catch up with some of you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

back at the boat

After our explore of the island and creek we came back to the boat, and there were schools of fish tearing up the water. From way far out to right next to the boat. After watching for at least an hour I took heaps of photos we made out that they were some kind of tuna, and after talking to Greg & Jan from 'Outahia' there were some sharks among them as well. Tuna eating the bait fish, and sharks hunting the tuna. We also had another fab sunset. Some nature shots as well. 

Great walk

Bruce and I had a great walk yesterday. What started out as a little walk, as Bruce is nursing a sore foot from an old injury, turned into a 5 hour walk!!! Started from Leeks beach walked u to the homestead and then the track to the lighthouse, and back down towards Wrecks Bay. Luckly we had some good wind to keep us cool, as it was a pretty hot day. Left at 11 and returned at 4. We also had an explore of the creek here. One day we will go in and stand Tropical Soul up in there. Saw some wild goats on the island, and jellyfish in the creek. Also had my first experience of getting the dingy from the beach through breaking waves. We waited for the right time except I didn't make it into the dingy, I lost my footing and ended up under water, so we had to hold the boat through some breakers until the next set came through. Yikes was quite a learning curve. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We did get a couple of sundowns that it wasn’t raining, so some of the people in the anchorage gathered on the beach. Bruce & I had a little explore on one of the beaches, and are hoping to have a bit of a longer explore on a walk through the bush. We are going to be in this area for the next month or two, so if not this time definitely next time we are here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sitting out another South Easter again

We moved on from Middle Percy to Port Clinton. Spent one night there, as we need to move while we have a weather window. Also the area is being closed in a few days for military exercises. From port Clinton to Great Keppel Island we had the best sail of the whole trip. Flew the spinnaker all day and made 7 to 8 knots. We are still at Great Keppel Island waiting for a break from the present SE. It's been blowing since Friday 20 to 25 knots with rain squalls, and some thunder. next stop is Keppel Bay marina for a week or so.

More from Middle Percy

We took some walks on the Island and one was up to the homestead. Here are some photos from the Island. The Island has a wild goat population, and there were quite a few babies. Suset from the boat on Melbourne Cup Day. We're leaving out of Middle Percy @ 3:00 a.m.

Playing in Middle Percy

We stayed a week in the lagoon. Exploring the creek, the land, & the beach. We had a great time with our friends from Euphoria & Hurtle Turtle. We had a small weather window coming, so on Tuesday Melbourne Cup day we moved out of the lagoon. Then anchored outside, and had a Melbourne day lunch at the A frame on the beach.  By the way I was a winner picking 2nd & 3rd horse! That's a photo of Tropical soul leaving the lagoon.

Sitting out another South Easter

After leaving the Whitsundays we sailed from Shaw Island to Scawfell Island using the weather window we were given we knew we had to make tracks. Leaving Scawfell around 3 a.m to make our way to Middle Percy Island. There is a SE on it's way. We met up with Euphoria & Hurtle Turtle and together we went into the lagoon.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back in range

Just a quick post to let you all know we are back in communication range. I will post some more tomorrow. Going to sleep now. Goodnight/