Friday, November 13, 2009


This page will be a bit quiet now. We pulled into Keppel Bay marina this morning. Have to say Bruce gets a bit depressed when we pull into marinas, and I on the other hand savor the land connections. Don't get me wrong I do LOVE it out there, but there is something special about coming to the mainland. Washing the boat down, laundry, restocking, maintenance, cleaning out the fridges, washing the cushion covers, okay maybe I can see why Bruce gets a bit down. We do a lot of work when we come in. hahaha LOL This time though we are have the luxury of time as we are staying more then a few days. We are taking a rent a car up the road to Laguna Quay to get our cars on Monday. This is going to be our home base for a couple of months. NO we're not taying in that long, but intend to come in for a day or two and go back out. There is so much we haven't explored here. We will be coming to the Sunshine Coast a few times over the next couple of months so maybe we can catch up with some of you.

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