Saturday, May 22, 2010

Off to America

No not sailing there. We are leaving in the morning to drive down towards Brisbane. Will stop to see 3 of our daughters on the way, and will see the other 2 once in Florida.
I do plan on taking some photo's while away and posting a bit here and there. Catch you all later.
;o) ;o) ;o)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Humpy Island

Well we didn't have a snorkel, but we had a marvelous walk around the whole island! It turned out to be a thick cloudy, cold day yesterday, and today we have the same with rain. brrrr I can't remember being this cold on the boat last year.
We really enjoyed the walk yesterday, and our visit to the island. we look forward to going back to explore the reef.
We have decided that since the weather isn't the greatest we would hang here, Great Keppel Island, for a couple more days instead of venturing out to the outer reef. Will save that for another time.
Attached are a couple fo photo's from yesterdays walk.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

ahhh this is the life!

YES we got out today! Left the dock around 11 a.m., and at the moment we are anchored off an island called Humpy. It is the calmest I think I have ever been in out here. There isn't a breath of wind and hasn't been much for the last few days, so there really isn't any swell either. We are anchored next to a reef, and hope to get in a snorkel tomorrow. The water temp has come down to 21c. There is suppose to be a nice walk on the Island as well, so we might even get a chance to do that as well.
If you haven't heard the news yet..... Jessica Watson has just returned from sailing around the world! 23,000 nautical miles non stop unassisted. What a brave girl!!! Hopefully I'll have some photo's tomorrow to post.
Signing off for now.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Feels good to have engines again!

Ahhh the sound off purring engines. The girls are running again, and I don't think I ever heard them running so smoothly!! Feels good to have engines again. We have accomplished a lot from our list, and with not much more to do we have decided we will skip out of here tomorrow! Having a look at the weather forecast now, and it looks like we will have 4 to 5 days of some good weather. We will head back out to Great Keppel Island tomorrow, and may even head out to North West Island for some reef diving. It's been a month since we were last at anchor.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

without engines

We are sitting in Keppel Bay marina with the injectors out of the engines. It is a very strange feeling to be sitting here without the ability to move. The injectors had to be sent off for a clean, and the mechanic is due back later this week to put our girls back together. In the meantime we have a list of maintenance jobs to take care of. Once engines are working if weather permits we may scoot back out to the islands for a few days before we head overseas. I will take my camera on our next walk as there is a lookout with some lovely views of this area. The battery is charging now.

Mother's Day 2010

We arrived back from our road trip late Tuesday night ( May 4th). We booked an appointment with the diesel mechanic for the morning of May 5th.
After my graduation we drove down South to Nowra to visit Uncle Bob. Was a nice but short visit, as it was Jo's birthday on April 30th so we wanted to be back in Brisbane for that. It was good to see Jo, Peta, & Samantha ( Sam joined us on Sat.) during the weekend. We had a gathering at Jo's Friday night, off for bowling on Saturday, and Pancakes at the Pancake Rest in Bris on Sunday morning. That was yummy!!! I'm sad I didn't get any family photo's. By the time we got to Brisbane my camera had a dead battery as I forgot to pack my charger!
We spent a couple of days on the Sunshine Coast with Samantha, and intended to do a bit of errands, but it turned out that we hadn't planned on the holiday of Labor day and everything we needed to do was closed!
We left on Tuesday for Yeppoon, but had a stop in Noosa as we had some friends from Woolgoolga staying there and we hadn't seen them for years. It was really good catching up with them, and hopefully they will join us later in the year for some sailing.
Here are some photo's taken Gold Coast, Thursday Plantation, & Woolongong from Mt. Kiera.