Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fitzroy Island

We left Mourilyan Harbor this morning in very calm conditions, totally opposite of what we came in from. For the first few hours we motor-sailed, and then the winds picked up to a steady 10/12 knots, so we popped the spinnaker. The win picked u a bit more to around 16/17 kts, and we just sailed along at 7 to 8 knots. Beaut sail!!! We are on a mooring now. We arrived around 3pm, and went ashore for a look see. took a walk up through the rain forest. It is not the most comfortable of spots, so we will be moving on tomorrow. Heading to the Lowe isles.

Mourilyan Harbour

Me anchored in Mourilyan Harbor for 2 nights. There is a sugar terminal there and we watched a ship come into the harbor see photo's. After nearly 7 days on the boat without touching land Kendra & Jerrica were getting antsy, so we took the dingy ashore. We found a little beach( due to low tide) next to the boat ramp and got off there. We had a walk around the sugar terminal.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

safe and sound at anchor

Wow it was a wild day out there. The seas were a real mess. Had a bit of a Easterly swell 1.5 to 2M, but the rest was wind wave and chop. Having spring tided at the moment since the full moon was last night so lot's of water moving with the tides. Started out with S winds 12 kts, and ended up with about 20/22 kts SE. With rain on and off all day (some quite heavy). We are now safely anchored in Mourilyan Harbour for the night. Trying to dry out the cockpit. Going to warm up some spaghetti and meatballs left overs from last night.

Moving on

We have had 3 nights here at Gayundah Creek. Very peaceful for sure. We have had 3 days of patchy rain, so haven't really been able to appreciate the view of the beautiful mountains. I was able to collect some rain water for the tank though. The highs( high pressure systems) this year haven't moved up yet, so we have had much stronger winds then last year. We have decided to move on today. Not usre what it will be like outside as there have been strong wind warnings for the past few days, which means a developed swell. It is dark and rainy now at 6:30 am, but we will make ready now and go as we have about 55 nautical miles to cover. Mourlyn Harbor is put next stop.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hinchenbrook Passage

We decided to move on today. Last night wasn't very comfortable as the wind calmed a bit which allowed the swell to move around the point. There was 30 knots blowing yesterday, and strong wind warnings are current. We sailed across to the Lucinda Bar and came through the Southern end of the Hinchenbrook Passage. We came across with wind against tide with an ebbing tide. Was quite a ride!!
The passage is beautiful!! We were going to go through to Cape Richards or Missionary Bay, but decided instead to stop in one of the creeks. This one is named Gayundah Creek. Very pretty with the mountains of Hinchenbrook behind it. The photo's don't do it justice.
Now that we are out of whale waters I've been looking for Dugongs (manatees for my Florida readers), and crocodiles. Well guess what as we were coming into the anchorage there was one on the bank, and caught it just before it moved off. We watched it for a while after we anchored as it was swimming back and forth. Then disappeared. I hope you can make it out on the photo. It is about 12 ft. long!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Orpheus Island

We had a fantastic sail to Orpheus Island. We got to the anchorage and there was one mooring left. We are moored next to another cat and a mono. Just checking out the anchorage, and making the boat read for the night when i saw a fin next to the boat. Like 5 foot away. I thought I was seeing a shark, and called the gang out to see. Wow we were all excited, and as we watched we realized it wasn't a shark but some kind of ray, and we were seeing it's fin as it gracefully swam through the water. Later after sundown and we were in the cockpit eating tea we heard a hugh breath behind us. what was that. We listened again and sure enough we were hearing a whale spouting! We tried with the spotlight to see where it was and saw that the cat next to us was doing the same. They hollered over to us there's a whale out here. We heard it again for a while longer, but must have finally moved on. I was calling the whales all day on our way over. Guess they finally caught up with us.
Bruce saw this photo this morning. yikes maybe I should be careful about calling the whales to us!!!

On our way

Kendra on board. Now just to wait for the tide to come in so we can leave the marina. left around 2 pm, and sailed to Magnetic Island. Kendra took the helm and had a lovely sail for an hour or so. We finally had to start engines as the wind died and we were just drifting along. As we arrived into the anchorage at Magnetic we were greeted with dolphins, and behind us I could see them jumping out of the water. Spent 2 nights at Maggie.

Monday, July 19, 2010


We came into the Breakwater marina yesterday in 25 kts of wind on the nose, so we motored in. We're here to pick up Kendra., joining us tomorrow for 2 weeks. It's been a busy time in port as it usually is. restocking, laundry, and cleaning. We treated ourselves to a dinner out tonight, but turned out to be a disappointment. Hate when that happens!We won't go back there again (The Pier Rest.) Looking forward to the next 2 weeks as we will make our way up to Port Douglas. Jer has the hang of the kayak as she paddled around the boat in the anchorage at Magnetic Island. That's all for now I'm going to bed. TIRED!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Magnetic Walk

We did the walk today from Horseshoe Bay to Radical Bay. The bay was lovely and calm. I did get a little disappointed when we got to the bay and saw cars there. I thought we were going to a beach that only way to get there was walk or boat. Oh well we had fun anyway. Jer & I started playing with our set of Poi. We watched the instructional dvd this morning while on the trampoline, and played for a couple of hours. We also had a play with them on the beach. Here a couple of photo's from today. The rocks are so good on this island you see them everywhere just balanced on top of each other, and in some yu even see shapes of animals. The ones on the beach remind of a whale face.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


What a contrast today we had no wind and calm seas. We made our way to magnetic Island today. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we saw whales on our way into Cape Upstart, and today way off in the bay of Townsville we could see them playing. We actually saw them twice today. Now if I can just manifest them closer so I can get some pictures! We're here in Maggie for a few days before heading into Townsville marina to pick up Kendra. She will be joining us for 2 weeks. Looking forward to playing here the next few days. We might even get a good nights sleep here!

Interesting last two days

Well yesterday as we were leaving the anchorage of Cape Upstart, we just raised the mainsail making our way North, when behind came the water police. We're getting boarded for the first time, and it was a strange experience. Bruce was not impressed and voiced his opinion, I just wanted it to go smoothly, so was as helpful as I could be. Not only was it the police, but customs as well. The police wanted to check the safety gear, which is all in the cockpit, and the customs wanted the boat rego and owner info. We were complimented by the police saying he hadn't seen a boat this well equipped in a long while. Since we were so well organised he didn't need to go any further then the cockpit. It's a good thing because I don't know that he would have gotten passed Bruce, as this is our home. As we sailed off the coast making our way to Cape Bowling Green we encounter 20 knot winds and some mixed up wave action. With some pretty big set of swell 3 metres. We had a hell of a sail! Sail is what we did as with the conditions and the direction of waves the auto pilot wouldn't work. We beat our boat speed as we hit 12 knots!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

commenting on the blog

If you have tried to comment on the blog, and a form comes up on the page with sign in details you can just click anonymous to publish your post. Just thought I would let you all know. Cheers


We left Bona bay this morning for Cape Upstart. With winds beginning from a Sw direction in the 15 knot range, and then switching to SE 15/20 knots. We had a GREAT sail today!! We were coming up to Cape Upstart on the SE pt, and we saw whales!!! A mother and her calf. When first spotted they weren't to far from us, but mostly just on top of the water. We were cruising right along, so it didn't take long for them to be behind us, and once they were they got very active in the water. We watched them for as long as we could. They were breaching, and flapping their flippers. Jerrica and I were both clicking away, but we didn't get any good photos. This is the best of the bunch and I had to zoom up.

Bona bay

We spent 2 nights in Bona Bay. A bay of off Glouchster Island. It was a lovely spot teaming with fish! Each night we could here the water all around us splashing, and see the phosperus. We had the spotlight out and played with it on the water with the fish. I wish we could have gotten that on film. Amazing. Here are a few photo's. The tree Bruce was next to was a hugh paperbark, and the stone was one I found while walking the beach.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Sailed to Cape Glouchster today. Winds were meant to be from SE, but were more E maybe even NE 15/20 knots. Was a great run. We sailed between Olden Island & the mainland. What a beaut little anchorage that is for NE, E, SE +25.
We put or mackeral line out today, and caught 2 fish a shark, and barracuta! Jerrica helped Bruce with the shark, as I was steering the boat and she got 2 photos. I'm so glad she did because this was the type of shark that Bruce and I saw jumping out of the water at Cid Harbor. we have identified it as a Black Whaler Shark, which are known to be VERY DANGEROUS!!
Check out the photo's.
After we anchored we went a shore for a nice long walk. Heaven!! The winds whipped up quite strong, and we had wind against tide in the anchorage. Pretty uncomforable for a little while, as the tide had us side on to the waves.
Now it is peaceful once again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Double Bay

We left Muddy bay this morning and made our way towards Double Bay, on the way we watched the Taser race. See photos. A nice quiet bay that we have to ourselves. Wow!
The weather is a bit shitty at the moment, cloudy, rainy, and cold. Makes for nice weather for using the oven, so at the moment a chicken is roasting. Yum.....
We're thinking of heading off for Gloucester Passage tomorrow to hang there for a couple of days before making our way to Magnetic Island.

new follower

Welcome to Graeme Davey. Thanks for the comments. Which boat are you on? Cheers

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Muddy bay

We pulled into Muddy Bay yesterday, to do a bit of laundry, and some shopping. The town is pretty quiet. We are moving on in the morning, but really enjoyed the day and a half we were here. Had our cheeseburger ( in paradise), chips, and of course some Baskin Robins! yum.

Photo of Cid Harbor

We had a really nice explore in the back country of Cid Harbor. Top photo was taken in one of the creeks. It was amazing how different it feels being in the creek out of the wind, and hearing all the bird life around us. The other photo is looking from Cid Harbor out into the passage of the Whitsundays.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

most amazing

No photos with this one. Bruce and I saw the most amazing thing either of us has ever seen on the water. It was just around sunset and we were sitting in the cockpit taking in the life around us. The weather has finally calmed and the anchorage is a quiet, calm sight to view. Jerrica is just out of the shower and down below in her cabin. I look behind us, (about 30 metres) to see a hugh splash. I mean hugh. There must have been something really big to make that splash. I said what the hell was that, as Bruce was looking at where the splash was still happening as well. Then it happened again, out of the water came a hugh shark leaping 6 feet into the air and spinning as it did. It spun round itself about 3 times before it slashed back into the water. We couldn't believe our eyes that a shark could come out of the water like that. Most amazing, and creepy too. I mean you know they are around most of the time, but there were kids swimming in the water behind us just about a half hour before. Close to this very spot last year Jerrica was jumping off the back of the boat right on sunset about 15 times in a row. Then we thought of the hundreds of boats that anchor here, and the hundreds of people that swim here there has never been a report of a shark attack. Anyway this will be something we will remember for a very long time. ;o)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cid Harbor walk

We took a walk today through the rainforest out to a beach. It was a lovely walk. The photo's don't really do it justice, but here is a taste of them.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rest day

We're at Cid Harbor today and had a bit of a rest/catch up day. I did my yoga this morning, and then did some chores around the boat. Cleaning and some laundry. Bruce worked on his web site, and Jerrica did her conditioning/stretching. Jerrica has been really regular with her stretching & conditioning. The wind is howling here 30+ knots, and it is a cold artic wind coming from the South! We're not going off today as we are enjoying our time being snug & warm on the boat. Winds still expected to be up again tomorrow, but maybe the sun will be out a bit more. We will enjoy to go for an explore tomorrow.
It is so beautiful here. You forget just how special this place is until you come back, or I did anyway. The water so clear, and the nature all around, the topography tall hills, & trees. Such a site to see. Will take some pictures tomorrow to post soon. Going for a nice hot shower now.
Cheers :o)

Friday, July 2, 2010

A day at Scawfell

We played on the beach at Scawfell for a couple of hours yesterday. Jer & I had a yoga session on the beach. There were butterflies flying overhead in the trees, and by the time we were finishing our yoga we had butterflies all around us. Magical! Jerrica found this shell on the beach. We moved on today and after 11 1/2 hours we arrived at Cid Harbor. We will sit here for a veiw days and rest, and wait out the strong wind warnings.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

M Percy to Scawfell

We left M Percy at 4:30 am to make the next anchorage before dark. We arrived just before sunset. Was a good day on the water, with winds between 8 and 12 knots from the SW, which gave us a board reach not our fastest tack, so engines were needed some of the day. we arrived here just before sunset, and will spend a day here playing. Will post photo's of Scawfell later.

Hexham to Middle Percy

The sail across from Hexham to Middle Percy was a good one, as we didn't have time restrictions to make anchorage before dark. We spent a few hours on the beach at Middle Percy, and Bruce hung a Shag Islet Cruising Club (a club we are members of) flag with our name on it. Took a walk up to the tree house.