Saturday, October 24, 2009

24th Oct

Unsafe passage

The Narrows/Long Is
turtle @ Neck bay

We left Cid harbour today. Sailed across the Whitsunday Passage through the Unsafe passage between South & North Molle Island.

Decided we would have a look at this side with a stop at Long Island in Happy Bay. Didn’t really like the look of Happy Bay. Sits off a resort and the resort had most of the anchorage covered with mooring buoys, which you have to pay for if your going to stay. Decided we would go on through and across the passage to Shaw Island. Winds still blowing 15/ 20 ESE. We went through the Narrows with wind against tide, which makes for some rough water.

Once through the passage the conditions were pretty rough as the winds have been ripping for a week now. Couldn’t sail as we had the wind on the nose, so we just made our way through the waves to the other side of the passage. Had a look at Seaforth Island not a marked anchorage in the guidebooks, but we thought we would be adventurist and put the pick out here. Really nice spot, but couldn’t get the anchor to catch as the bottom was slimy grassy bottom. We moved on in the passage between Lindeman Island & Seaforth. Across to Shaw Island to anchor in Neck Bay. We’ve been here to Shaw, but at Burning point. Neck Bay is a much nicer anchorage. Once settled we walked the beach and across the to the ocean side. Had the anchorage to ourselves until about 5 when one other boat joined us. We saw a turtle saw as we sat on the beach. See photo.

Once back at the boat we had our showers, and I had a bit of a drum before dinner. Don could you scan and send us a copy of the rhythms? Thanks

Well enough for now. We are officially on our way South!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cid Harbor

As we know we will be leaving this beauty behind in a few days time we just spent the day here at Cid Harbour drinking in the sights. It is so beautiful here. I took some photos from different view- points to share. The camera doesn’t really capture it all, but here is a taste.  Had a look at the weather forecast, and some North Easters are due in on Monday, so we will make our way then.

22nd Oct

 We left the marina just before 7 this morning. We wanted to make some time before the stronger winds set in. We decided to go across the passage to Cid Harbour. We had a nice shower of rain this morning! Wet the boat but not enough to wash off the dust accumulated in one day! A quick hose off and we’re ready. I did make 1 last rubbish run, and while there collected a couple of flowers to take with me. I’m enjoying the scents and the colours! Here are some photos from this morning. This is our main saloon, and in the back- ground notice all the bananas yet to store. I have been peeling wrapping and freezing them for our morning smoothies!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21st of Oct

I'm sitting here catching up on emails, and playing my facebook games. With the lovely scent of gardenia! One of my favorite flowers. Saw one on the bush last night and had to bring it home with us. I do miss the smell of the flowers and plants.
We accomplished all that we wanted to accomplish here. Boat's fueled up, cleaned up & stocked up!

Last night on our way home from tea we walked by a boat we were with in the rally. 'Wanderlust' Bill & Inaka. They are going to be here in the Whitsunday's for a couple of months, just returning  from Yorkie's Knob. Looks like we will have to hang around the Whitsundays a bit longer! Half our luck! The SE winds are still blowing and aren't expected to ease until next week. We will leave here in the morning and head over to Makona Inlet to sit it out. Maybe we will see Wanderlust there! 
Thats all for now. I will update again tomorrow if I can.
Cheers xx 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct. 19th Monday

We are still anchored off the coast of Airlie Beach. The winds are starting to subside now down to 15/20 knots. They have been blowing 25/30 knots constant. We went ashore today for a couple of hours. Had a walk around town, a burger at Hogsbreath, an ICE CREAM @ Baskin & Robbins YUM! It was good to be able to walk around for a bit. We've been on the boat for 2 days with non stop howling winds and some very choppy water conditions! I was starting to get cabin fever. We are booked in tomorrow at the fuel wharf i Abel Point at 8:30 am, so we will be moving from the anchorage early tomorrow. The plan is to fuel up, move her around to her berth and start the cleaning process. She is so salty and dusty and the two together make her very grouty! We decided tonight we will stay 2 nights in the marina. That way we won't be busting our butts to get everything done in a day. W also would like to have a meal out for a couple of nights, and it is much more relaxing knowing the boat is tied safely to the dock while we are dining.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oct 16th

Well I just spent 30 minutes writing this detailed day and I lost it when the internet disconnected. Instead I will just post some pics from yesterday! FOUND the missing post see below!

Oct 16th

We left Gulnare inlet for Airlie Beach. We are going to restock the boat for our trip south. Not much wind today and what we had was on the nose. We motored in and on the way I decided to clean the fridges to make them ready for more food!
Once Tropical Soul was settled in the anchorage we got in the dingy for a ride to shore. We are in a bit of a hurry as the tide is dropping. We caught a taxi to the hardware store to buy a few things, couldn't find some of what we were looking for. We walked from there to the Cole's shops.
Did a few errands and our shop. Shopping isn't as easy as you may think. Well for me as I'm not much of a shopper (okay depends on what we're shopping for!) anyway imagine having to supply yourself with food to last you for 5 to 6 weeks. Today was mostly buying pantry food, as I'm ordering tomorrow from the organic shop near Mackay (they deliver to us). We will stay one night at Abel point marina on Tuesday. Thats a delivery day for the Organic Shed, and we have some mail coming as well. A chance also to give the boat a wash (she is sososososo salty), a vacumm, some laundry, ect.
We got a taxi back to the sailing club and guess what??????? Yep LOW tide! NO water under the dingy. Bruce had to pull our line from under the dock as it had the line trapped under it. Then he had to walk the dingy through the mud till it was just floating in inches of water, and could move it to the boat ramp.(my HERO) I wish I had my camera as he had mud up to his knees and at times looked like he was that deep in mud.We then walked the groceries down the ramp to the dingy. Once I got on very carefully as it was very slippery we slowly made our way out of the harbour in to the high seas ( no kidding here it really was the high seas!) at least a metre swell/chop running through. Back to the boat a bit muddy we unloaded the groceries, now to store all this food! Where's my list as if I don't write down where I put everything I will never be able to find it as the groceries stay under the seats not in a pantry.I will remember these days once we are landlubbers again shopping the simple way!! :O)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct 16th

We did have to move on as the winds were predicted to be quite strong from the S/SE. Leaving this anchorage open and us on a lee shore. We decided we would have a look at Gulnare Inlet. We had to be quick as you are meant to enter on a rising tide as it is very shallow on the way in to the inlet. Tide was going for 2 hrs when we left Crayfish Bay. We didn't have far to go. What we weren't expecting is going into the wind blowing 25 knots from the N/NE against an ebbing tide in the Fitzlan passage. Wow I couldn't believe how rough it was in there!!!! It is what is known as water falls nearly 2 metres in height and close to one another. The boat was taken a bit of a pounding. There was nothing we could do because the passage at this point is very narrow, with reef to the starboard and port sides, and there wasn't anyway around it. We did eventually move to the right of it once we came to an area where we had room to move. Then we had to make our way into the inlet. Just have to line up the SE end of Pine Island to the tip of Dent Island! It is quite shallow coming in we wouldn't have made it on the low tide, or maybe but just. Once in the inlet we had to find a place to anchor. There were 11 boats in here already. we made our way through the anchorage to find a spot. Dropped anchor, and got into getting ourselves set up for a while. Putting up shades opening windows, ect. Next things Bruce says Saundra I think we're dragging. We were with not much room to move around I took the helm while got the anchor up full of mud which had to be cleaned before it could go down again. The wind is still howling through. I kept us in place for a while and then decided to make some turns. We moved down a bit but it was getting shallow quick 4 feet. I pulled in behind a ketch in 9 feet of water and we dropped the hook. We weren't very impressed. The wind was expected to blow all night, and we both thought not much sleep tonight as we might drag again. The wind did howl all night, and we stayed put. We thought we would leave in the morning because we don't like being somewhere that you can't leave unless the tide is at least half full. When we got up this morning we felt different about the place it was peaceful.The wind was gentle and it was very beautiful. we decided we would stay. We had a bit of a look around in the dingy as there are several creeks you can explore. made a picnic breaky and went cause we had a falling tide and didn't want to get stuck up there. tomorrow we head out to the main land for some reprovisions.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct. 14th

Here is a photo off the big momma that came in to anchor behind us. She doesn't look so big in the photo, but she is 120ft long, and at night when she is all lite up she looked quite spectacular!
We spent the next day at the same anchorage, and just did some things on the boat. We had a few little things to do. My project turned into an all day thing, but it is finished now. I made side shades for the clears in the cockpit. Hand sewn. I'm gonna add a side curtain to each entry way, and that will give us more privacy, and protection from the sun. It is getting quite strong now and even early mornings while doing my yoga practice the shade is needed.
We may be moving today as there is a wind change predicted in the early hours of the morning, which will leave this anchorage open to the wind change.  We will have a look to see what's around here that is protected, and make a decision soon. Which may mean no internet service once we move. Will update again when I can.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oct. 12th

Winds are moving around today from NE to NW predicted 15 to 20 knots. we moved from Cid this morning around to the other side of Whitsunday Island. Had a nice sail down the passage between Cid and Whitsunday, but the winds got flukey at Whitsunday passage, so we started the motors. I was at the helm, and told Bruce there is something funny about our GPS as it has us on the tip of the island.?? It lost data and wasn't working. Bruce was fiddling with it as I continued on.  He tried several times to get it going but no go. a quick phone call in and he got the software issue solved. We came around to a bay called Crayfish bay. Yum I'm wondering is there a reason it is called Crayfish Bay??? We'll find out later for sure. Right now I'm going to go make us another salad ( almost done with the salad) ;o( That's all for now. We had this lovely anchorage to ourselves for a while, but then had 4 charter boats, and a hugh mamma of a boat move in on us. Oh well that's the way it goes sometimes. Must not be vibrating right. lol

Oct 11th

We moved onto Cid Harbor from Stonehaven. We had a bit of a fish on the way. By the way I didn't mention that we did finally put a mackeral on the boat and on our dinner plates! We tried our luck in Cid Harbor but no go. The water is very churned up here to many N/ NE winds. Had a quiet day here. Tried to get online but signal not strong enough.

Oct. 10th

We decided to leave here today as the winds are picking up to 25 + knots from the SE. After a bit of a rolly night we thought time to go. We popped the jib and had a nice easy sail with the wind on our starboard quarter. The plan was to go into Cid Harbor for the  predicted winds. As we got closer to Hook passage we decided we were enjoying the sail so much we would continue on around the top of hook and see if we could grab a spot for a snorkel. The seas are about 1.7 to 2 metres and the winds  blowing 20 knots. Enjoyed the sail so much!! As we came around the top of the island it was very busy with boats on all the moorings, so we kept going around the top into the Hook/ Hayman passage, and thought let's see if there is a mooring free at Black Island. we have been trying to get there since we've been here. What do you know there was a free mooring, and another boat racing us for it! We won.... It was the one rated for a smaller boat, but we decide it is only while we have a snorkel. Just before we were to put the tender in one of the other boats moved on , so we moved to that mooring. What a beautiful snorkel, I think one of our favorites. We have been trying to get here since we met Ken & Millie off of Rhainnon at Bait reef. We were having a sundowner aboard their boat they told us it is their favorite place to snorkel. We agree it was one of ours as well. We saw not 1 but 2 turtles there snorkeling with us. Of course I didn't bring my camera. Once again another 1 1/2 hours in the water, and another yummy salad for lunch. we then moved on to Stonehaven for the night. It was blowing 25 to 30 knots must of the night and I was glad we were on a mooring. Wow did it blow with the bullets in there it was quite strong!

Oct. 10th

We like Whitehaven beach so much we decided to stay another day & night. Off this morning for another long walk, a swim and a little lie on the beach. This beach really is paradise with it's white sandy beach and turquoise waters. We had a quiet day here, but the winds have picked up over the day and it also got more of a swell rolling through. Lot's of activity happening here with seaplanes, helicopter, and charter boats. It got a bit uncomfortable in the night when the winds died down a bit which left us to move with the current bringing us sideways to the swell. Oh well that's the way it is sometimes.

recapping from Oct 8th to Oct 11 th

I finally have some signal so I can update our journey. After Stonehaven we moved around to Makona Inlet for the night. We chose Makona because we wanted to head out for Border Island for another snorkel. We left out of Makona in the morning for a nice sail out to Border Island (Cateran Bay). There are only 3 moorings there and only 2 of which are suitable for our boat, so we anchored up this time. We put on our gear and got in Little Soul, to head in for a snorkel. the water was high this time, so it was totally different then the last time when the tide was low. It is also blowing from the SE at about 15 knots so it was a little blown up in there. We stayed in for about 1 1/2 hours or so. The visibility wasn't as good this time as the weather lately has been from the Ne which tends to blow into this bay, which can stir up the sediment. Either way it is good to be in the water. had some lunch another yummy salad, and headed for Whitehaven beach.
Didn't sail this time as we had it on the nose, so we motored across and anchored up. It was a bit rolly, but manageable. the first thing we did was get in the tender and go to the beach. we had a lovely long walk down the beach.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct. 6th & 7th

We left Stonehaven to do a bit of a snorkel around Langford or Black Island. We couldn't get a mooring at either one so we continued on to Blue Pearl Bay under headsail just cruising along a about 3/4 knots. We didn't have far to go. As luck would have it as we were approaching one boat left the front mooring and thats where we went. Once on the mooring you have 2 hours before you have to move on. We had a little nibble and got ourselves ready. We decided to swim from the boat. Wetsuits still needed as the water is cold if in for a period of time. We were in about 1 1/2 hrs. there was a fare bit of current. The water was clear and the best coral was down about 10 to 15 feet. We came across a school of about 6 or 7 giant wrasses, also known as hump head parrot fish. They have a hugh beak like a parrot. Hard to see the size of them, but in this photo you can probably gauge it when you see Bruce in the background. They were quite amazing to be around and one of them was doing acrobatics! We finished the day in Caves Cove another anchorage off of Hook Island. Arriving around 3 ish we took the dingy ashore to this little beach and found this cave. nice shot of Tropical Soul on the mooring. Had a little swim here, and shortly we will have a bit of a snorkel here as well.

Oct. 5th

Have a mooring off of Hook Island @ Stonehaven. A beautiful day. We took some things to shore and had a bit of a swim and play on our own little beach. Glorious clear water and getting to the temperature that is quite pleasant to swim in.  A photo of our beach for the day.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

here's some photos

Here are some photos of New little soul arriving, and us taking old little soul to her new home. Also in our journey by car we crossed paths with this mom & baby plovet. The baby had just hatched.  
There most have been 70 boats in here last night , and I think some were part of a club rally. It was wild with a party on the beach, loud music, people whooppeeeing from dingies and boats.
 We didn't sleep much last night a bit restless. The weather blew in  about 2 am, but didn't mount to much. It was actually nice to have a breeze on us in the cabin and to hear the wind generator generating! 
Today has been very relaxing. Started with my yoga this morning and I had sweat just dripping off of me. It is so hot and humid. The sun is intense as well. Looks like I'll be getting up at sunrise now to do my yoga.  The rest of the day was filled with reading and knitting. I've finally started Jerrica's blanket.
We will move on tomorrow to someplace with a bit of snorkeling around it. we are waiting for a weather window to head back out to the outer reefs before we have to start to make our way south. 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Oct. 3

We left early this morning to be on our way to Makona Inlet a protected anchorage for the predicted wind shifts.
Arrived and anchored here by 1:30 (13:30). Since here we have had about 15 boats join us and more are still coming in. We are just about ready to drop little soul in the drink for a ride around a perhaps a swim cause it is Hot Hot HOT!
Jerrica I will post the baby bird picture shortly. :o)


Tropical Soul is ready!  Little soul arrived on Thursday. After a big stay ( 3weeks +) in Mackay marina, the captain and the kid are well rested and ready to go as well. The list of what we have accomplished it is a wonder we are so rested. I can seriously say that there isn't much else left on our list of to do's! With the last of the express mail arriving early on Friday we decided at the last minute that we would put out of the marina! To the fuel wharf we go to fill up all tanks petrol, diesel & propane. While Bruce fueled up I went over to the shop to pick up the fuel filters we ordered, and took the boys there a slab of Goldies. I picked up the mail and the propane tank on the way back & arrived just as Bruce was finishing. The only thing I forgot to do was bring the last of the garbage ashore. DARN it!
We set out of the harbor around 11:30 with a plot charted for Goldsmith Island. We knew that if we didn't leave today we wouldn't leave until Sunday as the weather is up to some funny stuff. Winds predicted to come from NW to SW on Saturday switching to S to SE early on Sunday. Wind strength 20 plus knots.
We had the current with us as we left and were cruising at 7 knots. The fish action was unbelievable!!! They were churning up the water all over the place! We had 3 strikes yes 3 strikes BUT........ NONE made it to the boat. ;o(
We arrived at Goldsmith Island around 4 and dropped the hook along with about 7 or 8 other boats. 
At last we are cruising again!!