Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct. 19th Monday

We are still anchored off the coast of Airlie Beach. The winds are starting to subside now down to 15/20 knots. They have been blowing 25/30 knots constant. We went ashore today for a couple of hours. Had a walk around town, a burger at Hogsbreath, an ICE CREAM @ Baskin & Robbins YUM! It was good to be able to walk around for a bit. We've been on the boat for 2 days with non stop howling winds and some very choppy water conditions! I was starting to get cabin fever. We are booked in tomorrow at the fuel wharf i Abel Point at 8:30 am, so we will be moving from the anchorage early tomorrow. The plan is to fuel up, move her around to her berth and start the cleaning process. She is so salty and dusty and the two together make her very grouty! We decided tonight we will stay 2 nights in the marina. That way we won't be busting our butts to get everything done in a day. W also would like to have a meal out for a couple of nights, and it is much more relaxing knowing the boat is tied safely to the dock while we are dining.

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