Saturday, October 3, 2009


Tropical Soul is ready!  Little soul arrived on Thursday. After a big stay ( 3weeks +) in Mackay marina, the captain and the kid are well rested and ready to go as well. The list of what we have accomplished it is a wonder we are so rested. I can seriously say that there isn't much else left on our list of to do's! With the last of the express mail arriving early on Friday we decided at the last minute that we would put out of the marina! To the fuel wharf we go to fill up all tanks petrol, diesel & propane. While Bruce fueled up I went over to the shop to pick up the fuel filters we ordered, and took the boys there a slab of Goldies. I picked up the mail and the propane tank on the way back & arrived just as Bruce was finishing. The only thing I forgot to do was bring the last of the garbage ashore. DARN it!
We set out of the harbor around 11:30 with a plot charted for Goldsmith Island. We knew that if we didn't leave today we wouldn't leave until Sunday as the weather is up to some funny stuff. Winds predicted to come from NW to SW on Saturday switching to S to SE early on Sunday. Wind strength 20 plus knots.
We had the current with us as we left and were cruising at 7 knots. The fish action was unbelievable!!! They were churning up the water all over the place! We had 3 strikes yes 3 strikes BUT........ NONE made it to the boat. ;o(
We arrived at Goldsmith Island around 4 and dropped the hook along with about 7 or 8 other boats. 
At last we are cruising again!!

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