Monday, October 12, 2009

Oct. 12th

Winds are moving around today from NE to NW predicted 15 to 20 knots. we moved from Cid this morning around to the other side of Whitsunday Island. Had a nice sail down the passage between Cid and Whitsunday, but the winds got flukey at Whitsunday passage, so we started the motors. I was at the helm, and told Bruce there is something funny about our GPS as it has us on the tip of the island.?? It lost data and wasn't working. Bruce was fiddling with it as I continued on.  He tried several times to get it going but no go. a quick phone call in and he got the software issue solved. We came around to a bay called Crayfish bay. Yum I'm wondering is there a reason it is called Crayfish Bay??? We'll find out later for sure. Right now I'm going to go make us another salad ( almost done with the salad) ;o( That's all for now. We had this lovely anchorage to ourselves for a while, but then had 4 charter boats, and a hugh mamma of a boat move in on us. Oh well that's the way it goes sometimes. Must not be vibrating right. lol

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