Monday, October 12, 2009

recapping from Oct 8th to Oct 11 th

I finally have some signal so I can update our journey. After Stonehaven we moved around to Makona Inlet for the night. We chose Makona because we wanted to head out for Border Island for another snorkel. We left out of Makona in the morning for a nice sail out to Border Island (Cateran Bay). There are only 3 moorings there and only 2 of which are suitable for our boat, so we anchored up this time. We put on our gear and got in Little Soul, to head in for a snorkel. the water was high this time, so it was totally different then the last time when the tide was low. It is also blowing from the SE at about 15 knots so it was a little blown up in there. We stayed in for about 1 1/2 hours or so. The visibility wasn't as good this time as the weather lately has been from the Ne which tends to blow into this bay, which can stir up the sediment. Either way it is good to be in the water. had some lunch another yummy salad, and headed for Whitehaven beach.
Didn't sail this time as we had it on the nose, so we motored across and anchored up. It was a bit rolly, but manageable. the first thing we did was get in the tender and go to the beach. we had a lovely long walk down the beach.

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