Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct. 14th

Here is a photo off the big momma that came in to anchor behind us. She doesn't look so big in the photo, but she is 120ft long, and at night when she is all lite up she looked quite spectacular!
We spent the next day at the same anchorage, and just did some things on the boat. We had a few little things to do. My project turned into an all day thing, but it is finished now. I made side shades for the clears in the cockpit. Hand sewn. I'm gonna add a side curtain to each entry way, and that will give us more privacy, and protection from the sun. It is getting quite strong now and even early mornings while doing my yoga practice the shade is needed.
We may be moving today as there is a wind change predicted in the early hours of the morning, which will leave this anchorage open to the wind change.  We will have a look to see what's around here that is protected, and make a decision soon. Which may mean no internet service once we move. Will update again when I can.

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