Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct 16th

We did have to move on as the winds were predicted to be quite strong from the S/SE. Leaving this anchorage open and us on a lee shore. We decided we would have a look at Gulnare Inlet. We had to be quick as you are meant to enter on a rising tide as it is very shallow on the way in to the inlet. Tide was going for 2 hrs when we left Crayfish Bay. We didn't have far to go. What we weren't expecting is going into the wind blowing 25 knots from the N/NE against an ebbing tide in the Fitzlan passage. Wow I couldn't believe how rough it was in there!!!! It is what is known as water falls nearly 2 metres in height and close to one another. The boat was taken a bit of a pounding. There was nothing we could do because the passage at this point is very narrow, with reef to the starboard and port sides, and there wasn't anyway around it. We did eventually move to the right of it once we came to an area where we had room to move. Then we had to make our way into the inlet. Just have to line up the SE end of Pine Island to the tip of Dent Island! It is quite shallow coming in we wouldn't have made it on the low tide, or maybe but just. Once in the inlet we had to find a place to anchor. There were 11 boats in here already. we made our way through the anchorage to find a spot. Dropped anchor, and got into getting ourselves set up for a while. Putting up shades opening windows, ect. Next things Bruce says Saundra I think we're dragging. We were with not much room to move around I took the helm while got the anchor up full of mud which had to be cleaned before it could go down again. The wind is still howling through. I kept us in place for a while and then decided to make some turns. We moved down a bit but it was getting shallow quick 4 feet. I pulled in behind a ketch in 9 feet of water and we dropped the hook. We weren't very impressed. The wind was expected to blow all night, and we both thought not much sleep tonight as we might drag again. The wind did howl all night, and we stayed put. We thought we would leave in the morning because we don't like being somewhere that you can't leave unless the tide is at least half full. When we got up this morning we felt different about the place it was peaceful.The wind was gentle and it was very beautiful. we decided we would stay. We had a bit of a look around in the dingy as there are several creeks you can explore. made a picnic breaky and went cause we had a falling tide and didn't want to get stuck up there. tomorrow we head out to the main land for some reprovisions.


Anonymous said...

Hi kids, I really enjoyed your trip, 'tho I got a bit tense when you entered Gulnare inlet!Saundra, when I read your blogs I can actually hear your voice talkin' the words ~ well done! ~ XX Don and Perky.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are following along! It's nice to hear some comments. There are a few people following the blog, but none that leave comments. Thanks Don & Perky ;o)

Bruce and Saundra said...

Hey Don & Perky, Hope all is well with you grey nomads !!!! Bruce