Monday, March 28, 2011

Back in the marina and flying out

We are back in Sanctuary Cove to leave the boat for a few days. Bruce is traveling north, and I'm traveling south. I'm on my way to Canberra for more Dru yoga training, and Bruce is going to drive our car from Yeppoon to Cairns. We're back on the same day.
Then a few days to get the boat ready before we have some more friends joining us for the trip from here back to Mooloolaba.
I will write more once we return.

Weekend with Satisha

Dinner out at the marina on Sunday night
Tea Party
Beautiful Sunset

Calm & peaceful

The following weekend we had Satisha onboard. We left the marina from Monday to Thrusday and spent it peacefully at Tipplers. We decided that since the winds were going to be a bit strong from the SSE we would bring Satisha back to Tipplers.
We had a good time there even though it did get quite crowded! Friday night we had a beautiful sunset,. Saturday we had a lovely walk on the beach, and a tea party. Sunday we went for a dingy ride and explore, and a coffee at Mclarens Landing.

Weekend with the girls & guys

We had a GREAT time with Jo, Mitch, Sammy, Brendan and Peta on board on Saturday. The weather didn't corporate though and it rained most of the day. Lunch/dinner was inside the cabin. Jo, Mitch & Peta left around 4, and the rest of us went down to Surfers Paradise to play games in an indoor games room. Was a really good time. Sam & Brendan stayed the night with us, and left after a late breaky on Sunday morning.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Coomera river con't

Part of coming up the river reminds me of Florida. This is Sanctuary Cove Estates. Above this photo is a private harbour for houses from Sanctuary Cove on the river.

Coomera River

We had Dave from Elangeni over for sundowners, and we had another most enjoyable evening.

Today we left the Wave Break anchorage to head for Sanctuary Cove. These are photos heading into the river towards the marina. Tomorrow Sam, Brendan, Jo, Mitch & Peta will be joining us for a day.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th

Church on the sea
Shiny boat not sure what kind it is though
Frank Sinatra's yacht "My Way"
Marina Mirage for family & friends in the states Australia isn't just kangaroos & outback!
Jo & Mitch having a swim.

We spent a lovely week in Bum's Bay, Gold Coast. Had FUN visits from family and friends.
Jo & Mitch stayed with us over the weekend, and I made a pot of spaghetti sauce. Mike & Sue came down for lunch one day, and tea another day. We had Phillip & Catherine over for dinner one night.
Had a quick catch up with Merv & Rosie (Hurtle Turtles), and Trish & Lance from Euphoria before they headed out to make their way north.There were quite a few boats in the anchorage that we met on our travels up north.
We are now anchored off Australia Fair in the heart of the Gold Coast. I will try and get some night photos as it is quite pretty with all the lights. We will spend another day or two here. Do a bit of a shop and have some long walks, such pretty park areas!
Then we will move on as we have more family joining us this weekend!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

beach walk

autumn meal
Gold Coast skyline in the distance.
Blue bottles everywhere
Rough surf conditions gale winds
Wallaby up close.

Bruce & I walked for about 1 1/2 hours this afternoon. Across the island and then down the beach. The weather is just starting to cool off, well it is finally autumn! I'm sure it will be hot again in a few days but in the mean time I'm enjoying the cool weather. I even made a pot of vegetable soup and baked some fresh bread. Moving a bit further south tomorrow. We have really enjoyed this part of the island. It would be fun to come back with a few boats and build a fire on the beach, as it is the only place in all the islands you are allowed to have a fire as long as it is in their purpose built place and you purchase the firewood.
We came across this little wallaby on our walk and as you can see by the photo it was quite tame. I think it must get feed by the campers on the island.
The beach was full of blue bottles today washed in on the rough seas.
The Gold coast skyline looked like a mystical place in the far distance.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

McClarens Landing S Straddie

We went a shore for an explore and came across McClarens Landing. Looks to be a fun place with volleyball, food, drinks, a stage for live music, and wallabies!
The weather not being the best has kept people away from the island, which made it nicer for us to explore. It was really nice sitting on their grounds today with so much beautiful tropical plants and trees. Weather permitting we may go a shore again tomorrow and walk out to the surf beach, as the waves will be quite big! It's blowing a gale on the other side of the island, and we are getting gusts to 25kts under protection!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

South Stradbroke Island

We moved on a bit further south. We are currently sitting off the tip of south Stradbroke Island. Very nice here we had a walk on the beach and a swim too. Water on the inside still a bit murky and brown, but it is lovely and clean on the surf side. Here is another sunset photo.