Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 24 th

We had some weather moving in with winds predicted to be 25 knots out of the SE and we needed to be heading down south to go into Laguna Quay Marina, so we decided we would move today down to Shaw Island. We stayed there for two nights before moving to Thomas Island. No photos at Shaw, but will post some later of Thomas.

July 23rd

Now this was a most MAGICAL day for me!! We left Luncheon bay for Blue Pearl Bay. We hooked up to a mooring to do a snorkel. We took the dingy a shore to go off the beach. Check out what Jerrica found while we snorkeled!!( her find was the turtle!) This place wasn't as brilliant with coral, but the fish here were a real treat! What made this day so magical for me was we were greeted by Dolphins while entering the bay, swam with this most gentle turtle, and once anchored at Stonehaven we had a humpback whale surface 20 ft behind the boat as it swam by us. Here we were going way off shore ( about 7 nautical miles to look for whales) and here they were right in the passage! Didn't get a shot of the whale. Maybe next time.

July 22 nd

Leaving Cid Harbor for the top end of Hook Island. We sailed out and around the top end of Hook. It was quite rough around the top coming around pinnacle point! We stopped first at a mooring at Luncheon bay. We swam from the boat to the coral shore to do some snorkeling. The coral here was outstanding! It was quite comfortable there and most everyone left the anchorage, so we moved up a few moorings to get better protection from the swell. It turn a little rollie during the night, but was ok. We were going to dive some more the next morning, but decided we would go explore another bay. This is sunset over Hayman Island where we will head tomorrow.

July 20th & 21st

We sailed off the anchor at Whitehaven and sailed offshore in search of the humpback whales. we had a fantastic sail on a beam reach and then on the quarter as we made our way into Hook Passage. We returned to Cid Harbor again due to some strong winds coming, and to show Kendra all the turtles. While we were there we saw Kings Ransom, our boat before Tropical Soul come into the anchorage. Neil & Diedre came aboard for a sundowner. It was good to meet her and to see the boat again.  That's a turtle in the water. ;o)

July 19th Sunday

We left hamilton Island for Whitehaven Beach. The wind had calmed a bit but the seas were still high. Whitehaven was beautiful, and also very busy on a Sunday afternoon. We stayed Monday morning as well and it was much quieter! We look forward to returning here again.

Hamilton Island

We got to Hamilton Island just before Kendra's plane landed. It was blowing 25 knots from the SE and the ride across was rough! (wind against tide). We were guided into our slip at the marina. The service there is most excellent! We had a day exploring the island on Saturday. We rented a golf cart. Took the girls go karting, and scenery exploring. Photos attached. There is one of Tropical Soul at the marina.

Cid Harbor

WE stayed in Cid Harbor for two nights before we traveled onto pick up Kendra at Hamilton Island. Jer did some late afternoon swimming off the back of the boat and I captured some of it on film. Check out these shots!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Into Woodwark bay just before sunset, and the winds are not doing what they were predicted to do. They are meant to have a change to the s.w. that is why we chose Woodwark bay, but instead they are blowing from the NW at about 15 to 20 knots. Woodwark is exposer to any north wind which was making this an uncomfortable spot, but  not much we can do now. The winds did settle late in the night and the seas as well. Another nice spot for us to come explore at a later date. From here we moved to Cid harbor. we are now in the Whitsundays. Went fishing today as yes we finally landed one! We also saw some turtles. Photo's attached. Will right more later as I want to go enjoy another sunset!! ;o) Cheers.... by the way that is the head of a turtle in the water.

Onto Woodwark bay

Another big day with 64 nautical miles to cover, which means another early start. Up again at 4 am. A still, cloudy, morning, and a very strange smell in the air. We left out of the anchorage around 4:30. I was at the helm as I am most times when we leave as Bruce brings in the anchor. This morning the sea was calm the air was thick, but the stars were shining bright. the moon is even up yet the stars are still bright. As I was at the helm watching the sky right in front of the boat was a falling star. it fell so low it was nearly burning to the water! Wow magical!!! The day continue on to be a most magical day. Jer woke to watch the sunrise, which she then missed as the horizon was very cloudy. The sun's rays were lighting the sky and we thought we wouldn't have much of a sunrise and about 30 minutes later the sun rose. I took this photo for Jer! We did get some sailing in today, but then the wind dropped away. We are fishing, but no luck. At a little before 12 I noticed a big splash in the water. I called to Bruce to see if he saw it and pointed in the direction ( Jer was on the  bow with her ipod on so she wouldn't have heard me) , and just as I pointed it broke the surface again. It was a BILLFISH! I'm not kidding. We saw it was a black marlin. They have been catching them around lately so we have heard on the vhf. This one was off Gloucster Island. Just after this the wind started to blow from behind us, but just a light wind. Bruce and I decided we would play with the spinnaker. We got it up and flying without much problem. Wow what a sight, and wow were we moving through the water! It was truly magical! It was so calm that we even cooked sausages on the bbq while we were sailing!! A couple of photos here. the sun is the sunrise.

Cape Upstart next stop

We left Magnetic Island on Sunday, and made our way for Cape Cleveland to make the trip to cape Upstart a bit shorter. the trip to cape Cleveland was very rough! this Cleveland bay area is shallow, so it does get very rough quick. We got up at 4 am to make the trip to Cape Upstart some 58 nautical miles. Meant o have winds behind us but as usual they were on the nose. we did manage to get some sailing in though. Arrive at Cape Upstart around 4 pm. It was different then last time when the Cape was on fire. I am putting a photo of the lighthouse, and another sunset. ;o)! This is a nice spot and will be worth a stay on our way north again in a few months. 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moving on tomorrow

We are anchored once again in Horseshoe Bay. Weather permitting we will leave tomorrow. Blowing now out of the SE 20 knots. That's the way we are heading, so will wait until it is a bit calmer. Winds due to drop tonight. We will once again be out of range as we make our journey to the Whitsunday's, so will catch up later in the week when we can. Here are a few more photo's. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We had an unscheduled stop in Townsville. Last Thursday we had a problem with one of our fridges. Could have been the screwdriver used to defrost the freezer that ruptured the evaporator! Yikes.... Bruce started making contacts to find the part we needed. Decided we would stay in Magentic for the weekend. Turns out the part we need will take 4 months by ship to be freighted here, but there is a whole unit available. No they won't take the part we need from the unit. Looks like I get a new fridge for the galley. ;o) We moved into Townsville on Monday afternoon. then we started doing the things we do once in port. wash clothes, sheet, towels, ect. The fridge is on it's way. We also had a small list of odd and end things we needed to do. We just missed a busy weekend as they has the super boats here racing. Tuesday was more of the same. Cleaning the boat on the inside while Bruce worked on fixing some things on the outside. jer was a great helped as we decided we would wash the cushions on the outside and the inside. A big day, and we decided we would treat ourselves to a night out. A nice dinner was had at The Pier restaurant. I took some lovely photos of Jerrica that night will put them up, and the full moon. Wed. yay the fridge is here will be on the boat later in the day. Jerrica & I caught a cab to the areas shopping plaza, while Bruce met with a couple of tradies here. Bruce has been wondering about the power system, and the ability of the charge. He wanted someone to come and check the batteries. turns out that the 4 batteries that were in the boat when we bought it are dead. Ok order 4 more batteries. Bruce decided he would fit the new fridge in. Jer & I did a bit of a dry food shop as we didn't have room for any cold stuff yet. Once back at the boat Bruce was into the fitting of the fridge. Nearly done dark once he finished. Out for tea again, but this time not as good. We had to wait over an hour for our meals. the town is getting busy once again this time it is the V8 race cars. this is the first year of the next five where the town host the V8 races. races start here tomorrow ( Friday). Today the batteries arrived, and Bruce wanted to wash the boat, dingy, buy some petrol for the dingy, and refill our propane. After my yoga in the park ( the parks are very nice here) I went off to do some food shopping. Stocked up on fruit, veg and meats. took us all day to complete our list. Sitting here now all showered boat cleaned, and going to make some homemade food for dinner!!  We will push out of here in the morning. First stop is Nelly Bay as we have mail to collect there. Looks like some strong winds are due, so we will sit in Horseshoe Bay until the winds are favorable to move back south. Heading to the Whitsundays again. All in all we are gald we stopped into Townsille. The people were very friendly here at the marina, the town was nicely maintained, and we want to come back and have a closer look see. part of this journey is to find some part of the coast we will want to settle.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

more from Dent to Dunk rally

Just received an email from P.J, whom was in the rally with us. She sent along a few photo's that we didn't have. Thank you P.J!! Attaching them here. Also some more random shots that I haven't put in yet.

more from Maggie

Sunday on Maggie

We rented a moke for the day. Wanted to explore some more of the island. Check out our ride for the day, and some of the wildlife we saw.