Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 23rd

Now this was a most MAGICAL day for me!! We left Luncheon bay for Blue Pearl Bay. We hooked up to a mooring to do a snorkel. We took the dingy a shore to go off the beach. Check out what Jerrica found while we snorkeled!!( her find was the turtle!) This place wasn't as brilliant with coral, but the fish here were a real treat! What made this day so magical for me was we were greeted by Dolphins while entering the bay, swam with this most gentle turtle, and once anchored at Stonehaven we had a humpback whale surface 20 ft behind the boat as it swam by us. Here we were going way off shore ( about 7 nautical miles to look for whales) and here they were right in the passage! Didn't get a shot of the whale. Maybe next time.

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JoJo said...

What a magical time that would have been. Looks amazing. :) Get to see ya soon. Yay