Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Orpheus Island

We are in the group of Islands called the Palm Islands. We chose toAdd Image stay at Orpheus Island. Arrived here on Monday. We had to anchor at first because the moorings were all occupied. There is meant to be 4 moorings, but one is out of commission. Just before sunset the trawler that was moored at the far end of the anchorage left. We decide to move to the mooring as the anchorage is on the deep side. We grabbed the mooring. We liked it so much we have stayed here a few days. The first day we had enough time for a snorkel. Day two we went for a snorkel ad an explore in the dingy over to the next bay and a walk on the beach. What a nice beach. Today we had to wait for the tide to come in because we wanted to walk up to the top of Orpheus to see the views.  We also saw an old Shepherd's stone cottage.We also got another snorkel in today. Each time we went to a different area of the reef. We are leaving in the morning for Magnetic Island.

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