Thursday, July 16, 2009

Onto Woodwark bay

Another big day with 64 nautical miles to cover, which means another early start. Up again at 4 am. A still, cloudy, morning, and a very strange smell in the air. We left out of the anchorage around 4:30. I was at the helm as I am most times when we leave as Bruce brings in the anchor. This morning the sea was calm the air was thick, but the stars were shining bright. the moon is even up yet the stars are still bright. As I was at the helm watching the sky right in front of the boat was a falling star. it fell so low it was nearly burning to the water! Wow magical!!! The day continue on to be a most magical day. Jer woke to watch the sunrise, which she then missed as the horizon was very cloudy. The sun's rays were lighting the sky and we thought we wouldn't have much of a sunrise and about 30 minutes later the sun rose. I took this photo for Jer! We did get some sailing in today, but then the wind dropped away. We are fishing, but no luck. At a little before 12 I noticed a big splash in the water. I called to Bruce to see if he saw it and pointed in the direction ( Jer was on the  bow with her ipod on so she wouldn't have heard me) , and just as I pointed it broke the surface again. It was a BILLFISH! I'm not kidding. We saw it was a black marlin. They have been catching them around lately so we have heard on the vhf. This one was off Gloucster Island. Just after this the wind started to blow from behind us, but just a light wind. Bruce and I decided we would play with the spinnaker. We got it up and flying without much problem. Wow what a sight, and wow were we moving through the water! It was truly magical! It was so calm that we even cooked sausages on the bbq while we were sailing!! A couple of photos here. the sun is the sunrise.

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Peta said...

thats a beautiful sunrise. i'm sure you're seeing many like that. its so cold here still!