Thursday, July 9, 2009


We had an unscheduled stop in Townsville. Last Thursday we had a problem with one of our fridges. Could have been the screwdriver used to defrost the freezer that ruptured the evaporator! Yikes.... Bruce started making contacts to find the part we needed. Decided we would stay in Magentic for the weekend. Turns out the part we need will take 4 months by ship to be freighted here, but there is a whole unit available. No they won't take the part we need from the unit. Looks like I get a new fridge for the galley. ;o) We moved into Townsville on Monday afternoon. then we started doing the things we do once in port. wash clothes, sheet, towels, ect. The fridge is on it's way. We also had a small list of odd and end things we needed to do. We just missed a busy weekend as they has the super boats here racing. Tuesday was more of the same. Cleaning the boat on the inside while Bruce worked on fixing some things on the outside. jer was a great helped as we decided we would wash the cushions on the outside and the inside. A big day, and we decided we would treat ourselves to a night out. A nice dinner was had at The Pier restaurant. I took some lovely photos of Jerrica that night will put them up, and the full moon. Wed. yay the fridge is here will be on the boat later in the day. Jerrica & I caught a cab to the areas shopping plaza, while Bruce met with a couple of tradies here. Bruce has been wondering about the power system, and the ability of the charge. He wanted someone to come and check the batteries. turns out that the 4 batteries that were in the boat when we bought it are dead. Ok order 4 more batteries. Bruce decided he would fit the new fridge in. Jer & I did a bit of a dry food shop as we didn't have room for any cold stuff yet. Once back at the boat Bruce was into the fitting of the fridge. Nearly done dark once he finished. Out for tea again, but this time not as good. We had to wait over an hour for our meals. the town is getting busy once again this time it is the V8 race cars. this is the first year of the next five where the town host the V8 races. races start here tomorrow ( Friday). Today the batteries arrived, and Bruce wanted to wash the boat, dingy, buy some petrol for the dingy, and refill our propane. After my yoga in the park ( the parks are very nice here) I went off to do some food shopping. Stocked up on fruit, veg and meats. took us all day to complete our list. Sitting here now all showered boat cleaned, and going to make some homemade food for dinner!!  We will push out of here in the morning. First stop is Nelly Bay as we have mail to collect there. Looks like some strong winds are due, so we will sit in Horseshoe Bay until the winds are favorable to move back south. Heading to the Whitsundays again. All in all we are gald we stopped into Townsille. The people were very friendly here at the marina, the town was nicely maintained, and we want to come back and have a closer look see. part of this journey is to find some part of the coast we will want to settle.

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Peta said...

jerrica looks so grown up! i can't believe it.