Saturday, August 28, 2010

East Hope Island

The top photo is the sunrise from Mackay reef on Thursday morning.
We sat through 30+ kts night before last, and today it is blowing but not quite as strong. Yesterday we had the whole day on the boat, with rain showers and wind through out the day. Today after cleaning up the inside of the boat we went ashore to walk the island and just spend some time on the beach. Stopped on the lee side of the island and had a relax, and were joined by the other 2 couples of the boats in the anchorage. We had a lovely time chatting the afternoon away. More of the same predicted in the weather with rain and 30+ expected tonight.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

East Hope Island

What a calm day it was today. Hardly a breath of wind. We ended up motoring from Mackay reef to East Hope Island. Tried our luck at fishing nothing. The seas were flat calm hardly a roll of a swell. I looked for whales as it would have been perfect weather to see them but none to be seen. It was so HOT today 31 degrees in the cabin, and the sun was so strong.
This is a beaut little anchorage! There weren't any mooring available so we are anchored close in to shore. We're going to sit here for a few days.
Went for a swim this afternoon water so lovely and refreshing. Met up with Phil & Linda of off Duet II. They been here for a week or so. No doubt we will see some more of them here and there as we make our way further North.
Sitting here now listening to the lovely song birds. I do miss the sound of birds, so it is nice to hear them while we are here. Winds a re due in shortly, and could see some 30kts for a bit.
Glad to have some internet service!!
Think from here we will go the Cairns reef and then into Cooktown for some fresh food provisons as we don't know how long we will be in Lizard Island.

Mackay reef

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our last night on Mackay reef. we had another great snorkel! We also saw some whales playing, but they were far off enough that we had to watch through the binoculars. Tonight we watched a full moon rise over the reef. I will see if the photo comes out and post it next time until then here are a few from the reef today. My camera lost it's charge, so I didn't get to take a picture of the shark we saw. A Black whaler shark! Will have to post pics later internet signal too weak.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reef Photos

cleaner wrasse at work. Every time I see them I think of shark tails, and the car wash song. More giant clams.

reef photos. There are some really big giant clams here, and a lot of them!!!

Mackay reef

This is where we are currently. Mackay reef had a snorkel yesterday and today, and will go again tomorrow. Staying here until Thursday when a SE change is coming in. Lovely spot and the winds are down now from 17/20 kts yesterday to 15/12 kts today, and tomorrow expected to be lighter still. This is what it is all about for us. the chance to snorkel and dive the BEAUTIFUL GREAT BARRIER reef!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bruce's Birthday

We left the Low Isle's this morning to have a snorkel on the outer reef. We've never been out there and don't really have much info on them, so we took a punt at Batt reef. The weather this morning until 12 was cloudy and showers, but the winds were light. We arrived a little after 11 am and had a look around found a spot in 19 feet of water with coral bombies around us in about 6 ft of water. Took a dingy ride to the shallows for a snorkel, as the rain cleared and the sun came out. Water look so pretty, but the coral was a bit disappointing. We will have to try and find some local knowledge for some better spots. If any of you cruisers out there reading this have info we could use please feel free to pass it on. Was nice to be put there by ourselves anyway. A GREAT time was had by us both, and I think Bruce enjoyed his birthday!!!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

stocking up

I thought you might want to see how much we stock the boat before we head out. This is just one of the loads we actually filled this trolly twice! This was an easy restock with this beaut trolly. Sometimes we have to dingy our groceries to the boat, sometimes carry them by hand down the dock, and sometimes we can use a smaller trolly.

camera cord fixed

Thanks to Bruce my HERO my camera cord is now working again. The salt air doesn't agree with electronics so my cord connection was a bit corroded. I am posting on this blog photo's from our rain orest walk when we went to Mossman Gorge a few days ago.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

family all gone

We're anchored at the Low Isles. Left out of the marina around 3:30 this afternoon, and arrived at 5:30. Had a nice sail in 12 knots of wind. Right after we anchored we noticed that we had a black tip shark swimming around the boat and while watching it we noticed two more circling around and behind the boat. All of our family visits are over for now. Back to just the 2 of us. We finished what we had to do today, and decided to head out. We are going to make our way up to Lizard Island next via the reef.
I have some really nice pictires of the rain forest from Mossman's Gorge, but at the moment my camera cord won't let me download any photo's i will keep trying.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hey hey hey

I'm back on board the boat. Arrived here on Saturday with Peta. (The internet has been down since then.) Peta is Bruce's oldest daughter, and she is staying with us on the boat at the marina. We've had a good time! She will be leaving tomorrow. Spent 4 nights with us. We've had dinner out every night, and had a chance to go to the local markets. Love the markets such unusual merchandise. Today we rented a car and drove to Mossman to restock. While there we checked out the Mossman Gorge. I'll post some pics soon of the beautiful rain forest there. Until then here are a few pics from our visit. The Noosa river was pretty busy with lot's of boats. The girls and I at one of our favorite Indian Rest. " India Today"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Port Douglas

We're here in Port Douglas. The girls and I are almost finished packing. We leave tomorrow for the Sunshine Coast to spend the next 10 days with Samantha ( my daughter & sister to Kendra & Jerrica). We will be joined on August 5th & 6th by Joanna & Peta Bruce's girls, so I will have them all together!!! looking forward to that. Bruce is staying behind on the boat to do some maintenance. I'm back on the 14th of August as that is when the girls fly back to the states. Peta will be accompanying me back here to Port Douglas to stay for 4 nights with s here at the marina.
Here are some photo's of this lovely place!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Low Isles

We had a GREAT sail to the Low Isles! Another spinnaker run with a constant 16 kts on the port quarter. Arrive at the Low Isles, and they are BEAUTIFUL! We settled in on the anchor, and then hopped in the dingy for the beach. On shore we met up with the folks from Sea Dog that we met the day before at Fitzroy Island, and another couple from Reverie a cat heading for Darwin, with Denise and Cameron. We ended up talking with them for a while along with the caretaker on the island Rick. As the skies started to darken we headed back to the boat. The next day we FINALLY got to do some snorkeling!!!! The water was alive with corals, and fish. We ended swimming with not 1 but 3 SHARKS!!! The last one I didn't see,but was told by Kendra & Jerrica it was very aggressive. Have had a lively 2 nights here, and today with strong wind warnings for this morning we are going to head into Port Douglas. Where the girls & I will fly off on Tuesday for the Coast.