Friday, August 20, 2010

Bruce's Birthday

We left the Low Isle's this morning to have a snorkel on the outer reef. We've never been out there and don't really have much info on them, so we took a punt at Batt reef. The weather this morning until 12 was cloudy and showers, but the winds were light. We arrived a little after 11 am and had a look around found a spot in 19 feet of water with coral bombies around us in about 6 ft of water. Took a dingy ride to the shallows for a snorkel, as the rain cleared and the sun came out. Water look so pretty, but the coral was a bit disappointing. We will have to try and find some local knowledge for some better spots. If any of you cruisers out there reading this have info we could use please feel free to pass it on. Was nice to be put there by ourselves anyway. A GREAT time was had by us both, and I think Bruce enjoyed his birthday!!!!!!

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