Sunday, August 1, 2010

Low Isles

We had a GREAT sail to the Low Isles! Another spinnaker run with a constant 16 kts on the port quarter. Arrive at the Low Isles, and they are BEAUTIFUL! We settled in on the anchor, and then hopped in the dingy for the beach. On shore we met up with the folks from Sea Dog that we met the day before at Fitzroy Island, and another couple from Reverie a cat heading for Darwin, with Denise and Cameron. We ended up talking with them for a while along with the caretaker on the island Rick. As the skies started to darken we headed back to the boat. The next day we FINALLY got to do some snorkeling!!!! The water was alive with corals, and fish. We ended swimming with not 1 but 3 SHARKS!!! The last one I didn't see,but was told by Kendra & Jerrica it was very aggressive. Have had a lively 2 nights here, and today with strong wind warnings for this morning we are going to head into Port Douglas. Where the girls & I will fly off on Tuesday for the Coast.

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