Thursday, August 26, 2010

East Hope Island

What a calm day it was today. Hardly a breath of wind. We ended up motoring from Mackay reef to East Hope Island. Tried our luck at fishing nothing. The seas were flat calm hardly a roll of a swell. I looked for whales as it would have been perfect weather to see them but none to be seen. It was so HOT today 31 degrees in the cabin, and the sun was so strong.
This is a beaut little anchorage! There weren't any mooring available so we are anchored close in to shore. We're going to sit here for a few days.
Went for a swim this afternoon water so lovely and refreshing. Met up with Phil & Linda of off Duet II. They been here for a week or so. No doubt we will see some more of them here and there as we make our way further North.
Sitting here now listening to the lovely song birds. I do miss the sound of birds, so it is nice to hear them while we are here. Winds a re due in shortly, and could see some 30kts for a bit.
Glad to have some internet service!!
Think from here we will go the Cairns reef and then into Cooktown for some fresh food provisons as we don't know how long we will be in Lizard Island.

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