Friday, September 25, 2009

Shopping in Mackay

It is nice to be somewhere where there is a fellow Dru yogi. Sue picked me up today and took me around her town. I even got to do a little shopping!  It was a great time. Thank you Sue. Here are some photos.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wild weather

We are still in the marina. The winds are expected to be blowing from all over the place. North now, switching to NW  then in the early hours of the morning switching to South then going SE. Wind speed to 20 knots. 
While here we are noticing that 'Little Soul' our tender (dingy) isn't holding air anymore. We pump her up and she is flat the next morning. :o( Looks like we are going to need a new dingy. Bruce has been calling around, and checking into different ones and prices. It looks like he found one that is the same as what we have now. Yay I like this one. A lot of the others don't have the anchor locker in the bow with the seat cushion over the locker. I find this seat very comfy when we are playing in the anchorage on her or having a fish. We will have to wait for delivery, which should be some time next week. In the mean time we will work on a few projects. 
We had a lovely time with Sue Dray and husband Mike. They came to the boat on Sunday for a meal and some celebrating. Sue and I do the Dru yoga teacher training course together. We were celebrating the passing of our assessment!! I meant to get a photo of the occasion. Oh well.
We will be renting a car again to have another look around this time at the South beaches.
There has been some wild weather around the country. Storms, dust storms, wind storms, tornadoes, and fires. There's a good chance that the dust will make it up this far when those southerly winds come in tonight.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Still in Mackay

We are nearly ready to go. The furono guy came today, looks like it's a software issue. Just a few more things to take care of then we will push off. Looks like Thursday will be the day. We're just keeping our eye on the weather now. A southerly is expected to push through in the early morning hours of Thursday. In the mean time we are doing a few more jobs on the boat, and tomorrow will venture to town again to post some mail. Organic produce is being delivered tomorrow, so i can wash and stow them all. I'm enjoying the constant internet usage here! :o) We haven't seen a sunset for a while, so it will be good to see that again!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sept 19th

AHOY MATEY it be international talk like a pirate day. We had some good fun with this one. Land ho we rented a little car and did a bit of exploring the coast and surrounds. Also did a little walk by Cape Hillsborough. We are in port for a few more days, and then off again.  The range in tides here these last few days has been 6 metre tides!! A long walk down the gang plank when you've got a wheel barrel of groceries!! If I'm around for low tide tomorrow will take a photo to show the range.
Here are some shots of the haul out last week. Tropical Soul is looking all spiffy. She's feeling good, engines serviced, engine legs serviced, bottom painted, topsides polished with DULON, stainless steel polished, washed inside and out, clears wiped clean, and is restocked. Only thing left is to fuel her up. We're waiting on a rep from Furuno to check out the radar he's here on Monday, and to receive some mail.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

pics from Brampton

Here are a couple of photos we took at Brampton Island. The boat comes out of the water in the morning, and I'm off on a plane for my Dru yoga training. ( I timed this one right!) She should be back in the water by Tuesday and I'm back on Thursday. Will post some photos of the progress once I return. Until then Cheers

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mackay Marina

We came into Mackay a day earlier then we planned because the weather started to turn and not in our favor. We had a lovely sail into the harbor. We also had the BEST whale encounter we have had so far! By the time we got in the wind was blowing nne at 20 knots constant.We will b here for at least the next 10 days. Tropical Soul will be coming out of the water on Friday the 11th. You should see the lift here, because this area has the greatest tides the range from low to high is quite amazing. We will be coming out on the low with means we will have a long way to be lifted out of the water. We have to stay on the boat. I might even take some pics to show.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

5th of Sept.

We moved on today. Left Cid harbor this morning. We motored most of the way. Started out with the wind on the nose, and then it started to shift just as or course started to shift, and once again on the nose. we raised sail and sailed for a bit since we had plenty of time on a short passage, and then the winds died. We started he engines and made our way. I saw some whales, so we changed course to get closer and watch them. Humpback mother and her calf. We stayed with them for about 15 minutes. We are anchored now in Plantation bay behind Lindeman Island. Tomorrow we head for Goldsmith Island. Saw the most amazing Full moon rise over the headland and over the water. Sat on the back deck for nearly 2 hours watching it reflecting of the still waters of this anchorage. Took some pictures but they didn't turn out. Probably won't have signal tomorrow, so will write when i can next.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sept 4th

We spent a lovely few days in Macona Inlet. Had a picnic lunch on a beach there, a little fish ( didn't catch anything), and some time catching up with the Happy Wanderers! I even got a few days practicing for my upcoming assessment. (thank you Sue & Bruce) ;o) Last night the anchorage got a bit rollie. Enough to wake us up a few times. We decided that we would move today to Cid harbour. The Wanderers moved onto Airlie Beach for some shopping before making their way back south. We will spend a night here as it is a bit more protected from the SE winds. Tomorrow we will move on south making our way towards Mackay. The boat comes out of the water next Friday for some maintenance. No pics to share today. Prehaps tomorrow if have a signal there.