Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sept 19th

AHOY MATEY it be international talk like a pirate day. We had some good fun with this one. Land ho we rented a little car and did a bit of exploring the coast and surrounds. Also did a little walk by Cape Hillsborough. We are in port for a few more days, and then off again.  The range in tides here these last few days has been 6 metre tides!! A long walk down the gang plank when you've got a wheel barrel of groceries!! If I'm around for low tide tomorrow will take a photo to show the range.
Here are some shots of the haul out last week. Tropical Soul is looking all spiffy. She's feeling good, engines serviced, engine legs serviced, bottom painted, topsides polished with DULON, stainless steel polished, washed inside and out, clears wiped clean, and is restocked. Only thing left is to fuel her up. We're waiting on a rep from Furuno to check out the radar he's here on Monday, and to receive some mail.

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