Saturday, September 5, 2009

5th of Sept.

We moved on today. Left Cid harbor this morning. We motored most of the way. Started out with the wind on the nose, and then it started to shift just as or course started to shift, and once again on the nose. we raised sail and sailed for a bit since we had plenty of time on a short passage, and then the winds died. We started he engines and made our way. I saw some whales, so we changed course to get closer and watch them. Humpback mother and her calf. We stayed with them for about 15 minutes. We are anchored now in Plantation bay behind Lindeman Island. Tomorrow we head for Goldsmith Island. Saw the most amazing Full moon rise over the headland and over the water. Sat on the back deck for nearly 2 hours watching it reflecting of the still waters of this anchorage. Took some pictures but they didn't turn out. Probably won't have signal tomorrow, so will write when i can next.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Saundra!

I left a message on your mobile this morning as I have been thinking of you HEAPS lately. Yes, the moon last night was incredible and the weather has been glorious for your and Bruce as you cruise south. Such a pity that we haven't been able to get together before our module, but hopefully we will have some time afterwards.
Take care and happy sailing.
Much love,