Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wild weather

We are still in the marina. The winds are expected to be blowing from all over the place. North now, switching to NW  then in the early hours of the morning switching to South then going SE. Wind speed to 20 knots. 
While here we are noticing that 'Little Soul' our tender (dingy) isn't holding air anymore. We pump her up and she is flat the next morning. :o( Looks like we are going to need a new dingy. Bruce has been calling around, and checking into different ones and prices. It looks like he found one that is the same as what we have now. Yay I like this one. A lot of the others don't have the anchor locker in the bow with the seat cushion over the locker. I find this seat very comfy when we are playing in the anchorage on her or having a fish. We will have to wait for delivery, which should be some time next week. In the mean time we will work on a few projects. 
We had a lovely time with Sue Dray and husband Mike. They came to the boat on Sunday for a meal and some celebrating. Sue and I do the Dru yoga teacher training course together. We were celebrating the passing of our assessment!! I meant to get a photo of the occasion. Oh well.
We will be renting a car again to have another look around this time at the South beaches.
There has been some wild weather around the country. Storms, dust storms, wind storms, tornadoes, and fires. There's a good chance that the dust will make it up this far when those southerly winds come in tonight.

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