Friday, September 4, 2009

Sept 4th

We spent a lovely few days in Macona Inlet. Had a picnic lunch on a beach there, a little fish ( didn't catch anything), and some time catching up with the Happy Wanderers! I even got a few days practicing for my upcoming assessment. (thank you Sue & Bruce) ;o) Last night the anchorage got a bit rollie. Enough to wake us up a few times. We decided that we would move today to Cid harbour. The Wanderers moved onto Airlie Beach for some shopping before making their way back south. We will spend a night here as it is a bit more protected from the SE winds. Tomorrow we will move on south making our way towards Mackay. The boat comes out of the water next Friday for some maintenance. No pics to share today. Prehaps tomorrow if have a signal there.

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