Sunday, August 30, 2009

today 30/08

We had one more dive before we left today. we had to go earlier because of how long it is back into the island. Left the boat around 9:30, and found it difficult to find our way around with the angel of the sun. Once again we spent  a couple of hours in the water. This is what we love to do!! It was hard to leave, but there is some weather do in on Tuesday, and an expected wind direction change tomorrow. We will be back for sure this was just the BEST!!! Another beautiful sunset. that was tonight's. We got into the anchorage around 7:00 P.M. and it was quite dark already. Navigated with moonlight and electronic instruments. That next pic is a giant trevally that was hanging out under our boat with about 4 others, on the next photo of the coral and if you look close there are some black & white fish they are called Black tail humbug, & the last is called a breaksea cod. well thats all for now folks. I'm quite tried and I am ready for a good sleep!  Hope you enjoy!

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