Sunday, August 30, 2009

30/08 We are back in Whitsundays

We had a FANTASTIC time out on the reef. You couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions. We arrived Friday at around 10:30 right on the low tide, which was good to see the reef and surrounding bommies (coral heads).  It was also a good time because any earlier and it would have been hard to read the reef with the angle of the sun. We had a snorkel around 11:30. The visibility was good. Here are some photos. There were 2 other boats with us during the day, but left which left us totally alone that night. I woke in the middle of the night and went up top to check our direction and it was so dark  no lights around anywhere) I couldn't make out which way we were facing.  The first photo is a humphead parrotfish, 2 is a giant clam, 3 is a Clark's Anemonefish, 4 is a BRUCE fish (hahaha), &  5 is green pullers.

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