Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back in Cid Harbor

Was another magic day today! Left out of the marina on an incoming tide. Winds were light on the nose as we headed towards the Whitsunday passage. Once in the passage the winds remained light, but now were coming off the starboard quarter. We put up the spinnaker and had a nice run up the passage. We had the current with us as well which added another 3 knots to our speed. With out the current we probably wouldn't have been able to sail like this. Sailed all the way up to just abeam of Cid Harbor. On the way we were blessed to see dolphins in Repulse bay, and whales in the passage (a mother and her calve) just before we were abeam of Dent Island. There is a photo here. In the top photo if you look in the middle of the picture you can see it's fin. The bottom picture the mother whale is breaking the surface on the right hand side of the picture. After the two were behind us quite a ways back I saw a hugh splash. I had looked away to Dent Island and when I looked back the splash was there next thing the small whale was jumping out of the water.

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