Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2nd

We have had a really good time here on the Coast. Jerrica went to school and her old gymnasium on Friday to see all her old friends. We went by storage to take somethings off the boat. (we can see the water line again ;o). We also got our cars out of storage and plan on driving them back up north. Looks like we won't come back to the Sunshine Coast this summer. We had a GREAT day today as we had all of our daughters together for a day of laughter and good times. It has been a while since we were all together as a family!! Memories I will treasure!! The funniest thing was when we were all in the street down below the unit saying our goodbyes, when a police truck pull up turned his flashing lights on us and said "Got you" this is a drug bust. Really bright lights blaring into our eyes. Apparently we looked suspicous. Mitch was getting something from Joanna's purse, and we were in a group. The cop even made a comment about Jerri the young one with the pigtails. It was a bit confusing to me as I couldn't really hear much of what was being said, but we all had a laugh including the cops. hahaha Tomorrow morning we leave for the airport never an easy task to say goodbye. :o(
Bruce and I will stay one more night on the coast, and head back to our boat, our home, on Tuesday. Next posts won't be until next week when we get on the water again. 

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