Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stonehaven to Butterfly bay

Started out the morning with another snorkel while at Stonehaven. This time we got out our wetsuits, but it was still cold!! brrr, but the sun warmed us up afterward.
Went out the passage between Hayman and Hook to go into Butterfly bay. We choose the anchorage which is the smaller of the two cause we like the privacy. The day was good with light winds on the nose (NE), which caused a little swell. We were sitting on a mooring.  I said that must be the rock as I was pointing out towards Maureen's cove and Bruce said that's not a rock that's a whale. "Come on he said let's go" WHAT you want to go in the dingy to have a closer look. BUT I"M SCARED!!! That hasn't stopped you before. We jumped in the dingy and raced off with camera in hand. I shot this photo. It was a mother and calve and the calve was very young as it wasn't much bigger then a big dolphin. We kept our distance as we didn't want to upset the mother or ME! We watched for about 10 minutes then went back to the boat.  Once back at the boat we decided to get out our power dive and clean the bottom of the boat. Once again in our wetsuits, but this time not as cold as it was later in the day. We nearly finished the whole boat. I didn't stay in as long as Bruce as I started to feel dizzy and a bit quizzy. Apparently my inner ear got a bit off when I worked upside down under the boat. Yuk The winds dropped off to nothing which wasn't so good as it put us sideways into the swell which rocked the boat all night. We didn't get much sleep. In the morning we went to the other anchorage to check it out, and it turned out it would have been more comfortable cause it was out of the swell. Well we know now. This is how you learn!! ;o)

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