Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25th

We moved on today, but before we did we went to the other anchorage in our dingy to check it out. There is a few coral heads over there so we wanted to see how tricky it is getting in. We will have to really pay attention getting into this anchorage. While there we went to talk to a boat called Fayse 2, Fud & Fay from West Australia. They said there was some outstanding coral there. Next time we will check it out. We decided we would head to Airlie to do a bit of provisioning. It is another smooth calm day here, so we motored into Muddy bay. On the way I had a go at making a hat and was able to kind of put one together. Not bad for my first attempt by myself. Bruce is my model. I made it for him. Isn't he the lucky one!!!  Here in Muddy bay we see a few boats we know from Mooloolaba. We stopped by one on the way back from taking some rubbish ashore. Duet II, Linda & Phil. We went aboard for  a drink and a chat. Tomorrow we will do our shop and treat ourself to a dinner out. Might even get a few of the Mooloolaba gang together for a dinner out. we will probably be here for a couple of days.

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