Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Airlie beach party town!!

WE stayed anchored in Cid harbor as we were planning to see our friends on Wanderer. They came through on their way to laguna Quay marina as they are taking some friends back to Brisbane. They will be up here towards the end of the month so we will catch up with them again!!
WE moved on today. Left Cid Harbor for Airlie beach. We met up with some friends who are traveling in their caravan and were passing through the area. Was really good to see them!! Race week starts here on Friday, so we won't be hanging around!! Not sure yet but think we are going to head up to Butterfly bay tomorrow. This is a photo of Airlie and the next one I named the GREY nomads. Our friend Don LOVES that saying!! ;o)

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Anonymous said...

Hi kids, we're back home on the Sunshine coast again. It was really nice to have a catch up with you oceanic vagabonds and now I've found your blog we can follow your travels. Happy yachting me hearties. ~ Don ( the NOT grey nomad ) and Perky.