Sunday, March 6, 2011

beach walk

autumn meal
Gold Coast skyline in the distance.
Blue bottles everywhere
Rough surf conditions gale winds
Wallaby up close.

Bruce & I walked for about 1 1/2 hours this afternoon. Across the island and then down the beach. The weather is just starting to cool off, well it is finally autumn! I'm sure it will be hot again in a few days but in the mean time I'm enjoying the cool weather. I even made a pot of vegetable soup and baked some fresh bread. Moving a bit further south tomorrow. We have really enjoyed this part of the island. It would be fun to come back with a few boats and build a fire on the beach, as it is the only place in all the islands you are allowed to have a fire as long as it is in their purpose built place and you purchase the firewood.
We came across this little wallaby on our walk and as you can see by the photo it was quite tame. I think it must get feed by the campers on the island.
The beach was full of blue bottles today washed in on the rough seas.
The Gold coast skyline looked like a mystical place in the far distance.

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