Sunday, October 4, 2009

here's some photos

Here are some photos of New little soul arriving, and us taking old little soul to her new home. Also in our journey by car we crossed paths with this mom & baby plovet. The baby had just hatched.  
There most have been 70 boats in here last night , and I think some were part of a club rally. It was wild with a party on the beach, loud music, people whooppeeeing from dingies and boats.
 We didn't sleep much last night a bit restless. The weather blew in  about 2 am, but didn't mount to much. It was actually nice to have a breeze on us in the cabin and to hear the wind generator generating! 
Today has been very relaxing. Started with my yoga this morning and I had sweat just dripping off of me. It is so hot and humid. The sun is intense as well. Looks like I'll be getting up at sunrise now to do my yoga.  The rest of the day was filled with reading and knitting. I've finally started Jerrica's blanket.
We will move on tomorrow to someplace with a bit of snorkeling around it. we are waiting for a weather window to head back out to the outer reefs before we have to start to make our way south. 

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