Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct. 6th & 7th

We left Stonehaven to do a bit of a snorkel around Langford or Black Island. We couldn't get a mooring at either one so we continued on to Blue Pearl Bay under headsail just cruising along a about 3/4 knots. We didn't have far to go. As luck would have it as we were approaching one boat left the front mooring and thats where we went. Once on the mooring you have 2 hours before you have to move on. We had a little nibble and got ourselves ready. We decided to swim from the boat. Wetsuits still needed as the water is cold if in for a period of time. We were in about 1 1/2 hrs. there was a fare bit of current. The water was clear and the best coral was down about 10 to 15 feet. We came across a school of about 6 or 7 giant wrasses, also known as hump head parrot fish. They have a hugh beak like a parrot. Hard to see the size of them, but in this photo you can probably gauge it when you see Bruce in the background. They were quite amazing to be around and one of them was doing acrobatics! We finished the day in Caves Cove another anchorage off of Hook Island. Arriving around 3 ish we took the dingy ashore to this little beach and found this cave. nice shot of Tropical Soul on the mooring. Had a little swim here, and shortly we will have a bit of a snorkel here as well.

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