Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21st of Oct

I'm sitting here catching up on emails, and playing my facebook games. With the lovely scent of gardenia! One of my favorite flowers. Saw one on the bush last night and had to bring it home with us. I do miss the smell of the flowers and plants.
We accomplished all that we wanted to accomplish here. Boat's fueled up, cleaned up & stocked up!

Last night on our way home from tea we walked by a boat we were with in the rally. 'Wanderlust' Bill & Inaka. They are going to be here in the Whitsunday's for a couple of months, just returning  from Yorkie's Knob. Looks like we will have to hang around the Whitsundays a bit longer! Half our luck! The SE winds are still blowing and aren't expected to ease until next week. We will leave here in the morning and head over to Makona Inlet to sit it out. Maybe we will see Wanderlust there! 
Thats all for now. I will update again tomorrow if I can.
Cheers xx 

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