Friday, October 16, 2009

Oct 16th

We left Gulnare inlet for Airlie Beach. We are going to restock the boat for our trip south. Not much wind today and what we had was on the nose. We motored in and on the way I decided to clean the fridges to make them ready for more food!
Once Tropical Soul was settled in the anchorage we got in the dingy for a ride to shore. We are in a bit of a hurry as the tide is dropping. We caught a taxi to the hardware store to buy a few things, couldn't find some of what we were looking for. We walked from there to the Cole's shops.
Did a few errands and our shop. Shopping isn't as easy as you may think. Well for me as I'm not much of a shopper (okay depends on what we're shopping for!) anyway imagine having to supply yourself with food to last you for 5 to 6 weeks. Today was mostly buying pantry food, as I'm ordering tomorrow from the organic shop near Mackay (they deliver to us). We will stay one night at Abel point marina on Tuesday. Thats a delivery day for the Organic Shed, and we have some mail coming as well. A chance also to give the boat a wash (she is sososososo salty), a vacumm, some laundry, ect.
We got a taxi back to the sailing club and guess what??????? Yep LOW tide! NO water under the dingy. Bruce had to pull our line from under the dock as it had the line trapped under it. Then he had to walk the dingy through the mud till it was just floating in inches of water, and could move it to the boat ramp.(my HERO) I wish I had my camera as he had mud up to his knees and at times looked like he was that deep in mud.We then walked the groceries down the ramp to the dingy. Once I got on very carefully as it was very slippery we slowly made our way out of the harbour in to the high seas ( no kidding here it really was the high seas!) at least a metre swell/chop running through. Back to the boat a bit muddy we unloaded the groceries, now to store all this food! Where's my list as if I don't write down where I put everything I will never be able to find it as the groceries stay under the seats not in a pantry.I will remember these days once we are landlubbers again shopping the simple way!! :O)

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