Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rest day

We're at Cid Harbor today and had a bit of a rest/catch up day. I did my yoga this morning, and then did some chores around the boat. Cleaning and some laundry. Bruce worked on his web site, and Jerrica did her conditioning/stretching. Jerrica has been really regular with her stretching & conditioning. The wind is howling here 30+ knots, and it is a cold artic wind coming from the South! We're not going off today as we are enjoying our time being snug & warm on the boat. Winds still expected to be up again tomorrow, but maybe the sun will be out a bit more. We will enjoy to go for an explore tomorrow.
It is so beautiful here. You forget just how special this place is until you come back, or I did anyway. The water so clear, and the nature all around, the topography tall hills, & trees. Such a site to see. Will take some pictures tomorrow to post soon. Going for a nice hot shower now.
Cheers :o)

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