Tuesday, July 6, 2010

most amazing

No photos with this one. Bruce and I saw the most amazing thing either of us has ever seen on the water. It was just around sunset and we were sitting in the cockpit taking in the life around us. The weather has finally calmed and the anchorage is a quiet, calm sight to view. Jerrica is just out of the shower and down below in her cabin. I look behind us, (about 30 metres) to see a hugh splash. I mean hugh. There must have been something really big to make that splash. I said what the hell was that, as Bruce was looking at where the splash was still happening as well. Then it happened again, out of the water came a hugh shark leaping 6 feet into the air and spinning as it did. It spun round itself about 3 times before it slashed back into the water. We couldn't believe our eyes that a shark could come out of the water like that. Most amazing, and creepy too. I mean you know they are around most of the time, but there were kids swimming in the water behind us just about a half hour before. Close to this very spot last year Jerrica was jumping off the back of the boat right on sunset about 15 times in a row. Then we thought of the hundreds of boats that anchor here, and the hundreds of people that swim here there has never been a report of a shark attack. Anyway this will be something we will remember for a very long time. ;o)

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