Friday, July 23, 2010

Orpheus Island

We had a fantastic sail to Orpheus Island. We got to the anchorage and there was one mooring left. We are moored next to another cat and a mono. Just checking out the anchorage, and making the boat read for the night when i saw a fin next to the boat. Like 5 foot away. I thought I was seeing a shark, and called the gang out to see. Wow we were all excited, and as we watched we realized it wasn't a shark but some kind of ray, and we were seeing it's fin as it gracefully swam through the water. Later after sundown and we were in the cockpit eating tea we heard a hugh breath behind us. what was that. We listened again and sure enough we were hearing a whale spouting! We tried with the spotlight to see where it was and saw that the cat next to us was doing the same. They hollered over to us there's a whale out here. We heard it again for a while longer, but must have finally moved on. I was calling the whales all day on our way over. Guess they finally caught up with us.
Bruce saw this photo this morning. yikes maybe I should be careful about calling the whales to us!!!

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Anonymous said...

I guess that whale ruined that sloops whole day...