Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interesting last two days

Well yesterday as we were leaving the anchorage of Cape Upstart, we just raised the mainsail making our way North, when behind came the water police. We're getting boarded for the first time, and it was a strange experience. Bruce was not impressed and voiced his opinion, I just wanted it to go smoothly, so was as helpful as I could be. Not only was it the police, but customs as well. The police wanted to check the safety gear, which is all in the cockpit, and the customs wanted the boat rego and owner info. We were complimented by the police saying he hadn't seen a boat this well equipped in a long while. Since we were so well organised he didn't need to go any further then the cockpit. It's a good thing because I don't know that he would have gotten passed Bruce, as this is our home. As we sailed off the coast making our way to Cape Bowling Green we encounter 20 knot winds and some mixed up wave action. With some pretty big set of swell 3 metres. We had a hell of a sail! Sail is what we did as with the conditions and the direction of waves the auto pilot wouldn't work. We beat our boat speed as we hit 12 knots!!!

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