Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hinchenbrook Passage

We decided to move on today. Last night wasn't very comfortable as the wind calmed a bit which allowed the swell to move around the point. There was 30 knots blowing yesterday, and strong wind warnings are current. We sailed across to the Lucinda Bar and came through the Southern end of the Hinchenbrook Passage. We came across with wind against tide with an ebbing tide. Was quite a ride!!
The passage is beautiful!! We were going to go through to Cape Richards or Missionary Bay, but decided instead to stop in one of the creeks. This one is named Gayundah Creek. Very pretty with the mountains of Hinchenbrook behind it. The photo's don't do it justice.
Now that we are out of whale waters I've been looking for Dugongs (manatees for my Florida readers), and crocodiles. Well guess what as we were coming into the anchorage there was one on the bank, and caught it just before it moved off. We watched it for a while after we anchored as it was swimming back and forth. Then disappeared. I hope you can make it out on the photo. It is about 12 ft. long!!!!

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