Saturday, May 15, 2010

ahhh this is the life!

YES we got out today! Left the dock around 11 a.m., and at the moment we are anchored off an island called Humpy. It is the calmest I think I have ever been in out here. There isn't a breath of wind and hasn't been much for the last few days, so there really isn't any swell either. We are anchored next to a reef, and hope to get in a snorkel tomorrow. The water temp has come down to 21c. There is suppose to be a nice walk on the Island as well, so we might even get a chance to do that as well.
If you haven't heard the news yet..... Jessica Watson has just returned from sailing around the world! 23,000 nautical miles non stop unassisted. What a brave girl!!! Hopefully I'll have some photo's tomorrow to post.
Signing off for now.

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