Thursday, November 12, 2009

Great walk

Bruce and I had a great walk yesterday. What started out as a little walk, as Bruce is nursing a sore foot from an old injury, turned into a 5 hour walk!!! Started from Leeks beach walked u to the homestead and then the track to the lighthouse, and back down towards Wrecks Bay. Luckly we had some good wind to keep us cool, as it was a pretty hot day. Left at 11 and returned at 4. We also had an explore of the creek here. One day we will go in and stand Tropical Soul up in there. Saw some wild goats on the island, and jellyfish in the creek. Also had my first experience of getting the dingy from the beach through breaking waves. We waited for the right time except I didn't make it into the dingy, I lost my footing and ended up under water, so we had to hold the boat through some breakers until the next set came through. Yikes was quite a learning curve. 

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